First launched in October 2016, the all witty and light-hearted, famous American sitcom,
“American Housewife,” opened its doors to somewhat rather be in a weird position to be in.

Overall, it has sparked some mixed emotions from both fans and critics due to its (weirdly enough) easy foreshadowing, predictable transitions, and storyline.  Being a show that has a lot to rely on stereotypes can get pretty dry in the long run. 

However, the episodes of the dysfunctional family comedy were somehow able to hit a nerve with the viewers and audiences who praise its position of sarcastic and satire humor.

Kudos to  Katy Mixon, for going on and opening about uncomfortable/tight rope subjects like body shaming, Overly Compulsive Disorder, motherhood, Capitalism, and classism. This show has gathered a huge following and fans over the span of  4 seasons.

The series ratings were high, and it was nominated back in 2017 at the People’s Choice Awards.

On May 13, 2020, season 4 finished airing and now that the fourth season has just ended, you all are probably thinking and wondering when will the fifth season be released? 

American Housewife Season 5

For more info and updates here’s some of what we know for now:

American Housewife’s awaited fifth season release date

The fourth season of American Housewife was featured on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) specifically on  September 17, 2019. It then ended on May 13, 2020, after releasing 20 episodes for broadcast.

Sadly, the production was put to a halt in March 2020 due to the mass pandemic spread of  COVID-19,  tying the hands of creators to understandably shorten its season instead of having 21 episodes. The viewers had to settle 20 episodes instead.

Season 4 initially received a series order of 15 episodes.

Nevertheless, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)  gave another order of six more episodes all due to its growing success, which in return was no doubt, a sign that the network is more than pleased with the series and would most likely undergo a renewal for another whole exciting season. 


In Season 5, almost all of the main cast members will return and handle their respective roles. Katy will no doubt hand the role and return as Katie Otto, the perfect car wreck as a mother.

Among other characters, Diedrichs returns to the role of  “Greg Otto,” Katy’s kind and soft-hearted friend. Comedian Alexandria Wong and actress Carly Hughes are coming back as  Angela and Doris who are Katie’s best friends.

They are also at it again for another round of spins and twists.

Taylor Otto will still be played by Meg Donnely as the role of Katy’s daughter, known as the “Sweetheart,” while Anna Kat will be played by Julia Butters.

Daniel (DiMaggio) will be rejoining the cast as Otto’s middle child, Oliver Otto. The other returning cast members that are rejoining include  Viv played by Lesley Bibb,  Tara Summers as undoubtedly  Carly Craig,  Cooper, Suzanne, Chloe Brown Mueller, Stan Lawton, Eyo, and the rest of the cast will be featured by the same actors.

It would honestly hurt if any of them gets replaced especially when we’ve grown in on them.

American Housewife Season 5 Plot: What will it be about?

As we all remember in the  4th season finale, Katie finally stands up for her youngest daughter Anna, who is being bullied by her classmate.

Being known for not once,  mincing words, Katie finally and courageously confronts the mother of the bully to set things right.

Otto’s eldest, Taylor, gives her father a hand in learning the technique and approach in bagging a three-pointer so Taylor can finally get her dad’s permission to attend and join the upcoming senior prom and definitely have a night out and splendid time with her friends.

On the other hand, The Otto’s smart, well learned, and ambitious son, Oliver, becomes emotional and just becomes really sad at that point when he receives a call from a sad and depressed teenager on the Teen Help Hotline, who this teen later reveals and expresses her pain about how no one has asked her out and to be her date for the upcoming prom.

Katie, staying in a wealthier neighborhood, is surrounded by a clique of clearly superficial mothers who are extremely wealthy and on par with their arrogance and glamor which adds to their embarrassingly and petty shallow nature.

Most of all, they all claim to have carried the perfect and ideal offspring.

Katie is well aware that she can not compete with them and it would no doubt be a waste of time and energy in doing so. Katie’s husband, Greg Otto, is a professor at a college. He is practical as much as he is sensible to the topsy-turvy environment they are surrounded with 

How to watch American Housewives Season 5?

American Housewives Season four will air on ABC and it can be streamed on ABC live website as well as Hulu. The same will go for American Housewives Season 5.


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