Achieve Great Clear Skin


Achieve Great Clear Skin With Best Hormonal Acne Treatment

You must have heard that hormone imbalances can be the main instigator of acne but do you have any idea why and how? More important is what you can do about it? The first question should be-do hormones really cause acne? And the answer to this question is yes. 

One of the reasons why acne develops especially in women is the hormonal factors. According to Dermatologist, acne is a result of hormonal imbalance and this is experienced most in women even when they are pregnant.

These hormonal groups are called androgens and are the same hormones that trigger during adolescent years explaining why most teenagers experience acne during that period of their lives. It may occur on the first period of a girl or when the first time a boy feels aroused. This is something which cannot be avoided, however, there are some best hormonal acne treatments available at Healthy Remedies. 

For most women, the acne problem is triggered and caused by the imbalance of hormones. So females who are susceptible to what is known as acne hormonal imbalance condition may not have excessively oily skin which may be the reason for acne breakouts but the reason they develop acne is due to an inherent internal cause. 

How Does Hormonal Imbalance Result In Acne? 

Hormonal Imbalance Result In Acne

According to some studies, it has shown that acne is related to fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. When releasing too many hormones, the body responds to blood sugar with a blow such as insulin, IGF-1 and some androgens. All these hormones have something in common and will cause acne. 

Since acne and hormones have been linked to one another, a lot of hormonal acne treatments were developed to treat this skin problem. Some hormonal acne treatments may include –

  •     Oral medications or oral contraceptives – The hormonal acne treatment contains progestin and estrogen to replace androgens. The result is that the body will produce less oil. This treatment is created specifically for women who do not want to have a baby.
  •     Anti-androgens are another type of hormonal acne treatment – this controls the production of the hormone androgen in the body and also the. Using anti-androgens make skin smooth and is no longer very oily, decreasing the chances of clogging up the pores that cause acne.
  •     Natural treatments – hormonal acne can be treated best by having a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. It is advised to reduce the eating of sugars and fats as they are trigger factors that produce acne. Eat food with fiber and drink lots of fluids to remove the toxins in the body. You can use the natural face spray that can also result best in acne breakouts.


Hormonal acne treatment works effectively but they also have major side effects. Women taking hormonal acne medications may get great looking skin but one may also face negative effects. These side effects include excessive weight gain, changes in Libido, uncontrolled eating, mood swings.

These problems with conventional treatments are driving many people to look to more natural treatment and many of such treatments can be found on the Internet. With an understanding of the causes and the treatments and associated problems now you should be in a position to make the correct decision on the kind of treatments you require and happy to use.