Grab yourself one of the best motorcycle jackets to stay safe and comfortable while on the road. The cost of a quality motorcycle jacket can be as expensive as $1000. Keeping the expensive nature of motorcycle jackets in mind, you want to invest in a jacket that absolutely fulfils your purpose.

A Helpful Guide to Buying Your First Motorcycle Jacket Online

Buying a motorcycle jacket online for the very first time can be a hectic experience if you don’t know how to go about the whole process. There is no sense of investing in a jacket that doesn’t fit you properly or isn’t designed for the kind of motorcycle riding you will be performing.

We have prepared this post to help you pilot the entire process of purchasing your first motorcycle jacket so that the product you ultimately purchase will be the best fitting one for you and last for several years to come.

First Motorcycle Jacket Online

Here we have outlined our top 6 tips for buying your first motorcycle jacket:

  • Ensure the jacket fits snuggly
  • Make sure the jacket has full armor built-in
  • Check the stitching of the jacket and ensure it is of good quality
  • Check and ensure all the zips on the jacket are top quality
  • Check what number of panels the jacket is built with
  • Keep your style of riding in mind to buy the right motorcycle jacket

Now, let’s dive deeper into this aforementioned list:

Ensure the jacket fits snugly:

Ensure the jacket you want to buy fits comfortably when you’re wearing your regular riding outfits. Also, you need to think about any extra layers of clothing (a thermal bottom layer, a jumper, or an extra jacket under your motorcycle jacket) you may have to wear if you need to ride your bike in the winter.

Make sure the jacket has full armor built-in:

Whether you are buying leather or a fabric-type jacket, ensure the motorcycle jacket you are going to buy has full armor built-in. The armor will absorb the initial shock you may experience from an unforeseen crash, for example falling off your bike while taking it off-road or while riding on rocky or similar terrains.

Ensure the jacket has CE-certified armor. And also make sure none of the armor inside the jackets digs into you when you turn your head or move your arms.

Check the stitching of the jacket and ensure it is of good quality:

This step is often overlooked but it is very important when buying your first leather motorcycle jacket online. Closely inspect all stitching to ensure that there’re no faults to it. Remember, a top-quality motorcycle jacket must have overlay stitching or triple stitching, which increases the longevity of the jacket.

Check and ensure all the zips on the jacket are of top quality:

As you will be using motorcycle jackets more than a typical jacket, check and make sure all the zips provided are of good quality.

If the jacket you want to buy is a heavy lather one, remember the zips will be dealing with more force because of the surplus weight it carries. We suggest inspecting all of the zip’s stitching, including any internal zips the jacket may have.

What numbers of panels the jacket is built with?

In our viewpoint, the lesser panels your jacket has, the better. More panels means more possibility of one of them wearing down at the seams in the event of accidents when your jacket takes the primary shock from the event. With fewer panels built into the jacket, there’s less of a possibility of the motorcycle jacket beginning to come apart.

Keep your style of riding in mind to buy the right motorcycle jacket:

Some motorcycle jackets are specially meant for sports bike riding, whereas others are designed for more natural riding, such as adventure-style bikes.

Jackets that are more sports-focused come with pre-curved seams & arms, which help the motorist in creating the sports bike riding positions. However, sportier jackets can be very uneasy if you’re riding a bike where you’ll be sitting up more. So, ensure the jacket you buy will be well-tuned with your exact riding style.

Besides these above-mentioned steps, a few other essential things to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket for the first time include:

Does the jacket have air vents?

If you want to buy a leather motorcycle jacket, ensure that the one you have selected comes equipped with multiple air vents. This is because, leather is not that good in terms of air passage and if you don’t have vents in your jacket, you might end up sweating yourself to despair when riding in the peak summer days.

It must have removable liners:

With options for rain & wind-proofing, most quality motorcycle jackets come equipped with a removable liner which proves very helpful during winters when you have to manage cold winds & ice-cold temperatures while riding on open roads. A liner in your jacket ensures you remain cozy and warm and also assure the temperature of your body stays normal in such unfavorable conditions.

Consider the leather material:

Jackets manufactured from cowhide are termed as the best as it’s one of the best leathers available and feel absolutely real to touch. Pigskin leather is also a nice option but it fails to compete when it comes to sturdiness.

Take the thickness of the leather into consideration:

While shopping for a leather motorcycle jacket for the very first time do remember that the leather’s thickness must be at least a millimeter thick because this can be really handy in the event of a collision as your skin will get less damage because of this thick layer.


With so many options available in a motorcycle jacket, you might feel confused to choose one that offers complete protection and serve your purpose.

Especially if you spend most of your time riding your motorbike, buy nothing less than a jacket that’s of the highest standard and can provide you maximum comfort while riding. You can take the aforementioned tips into consideration or look for expert assistance before making your final buying decision.


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