The struggle is real when you’re trying to come up with an original Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life. You might be able to come up with something new for her this year! Don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips on how! Here are 10 unique and fun gifts that will surely impress her this February 14th

Blanket Hoodie

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to keep your loved one warm this winter, look no further than our cozy blanket hoodie. The blanket hoodie will bring infinite warmth and love for she.

Whether it’s an afternoon nap, working from home or just taking a walk with the dog this cozy wearable blanket provides pleasant breathable warmth that is perfect in both indoor use as well outdoor adventures!

Blanket Hoodie

Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Hearts is the perfect way to show how much you care this Valentine’s Day. This fun and unique coat rack can be used in any room as decorative art, but it also functions perfectly fine for storing her jackets! This will a heart-warming gift they will love.

Upcycled Newspaper Handbag

The ultimate in romantic, candlelit dinners is a heart-filled handbag made from upcycled newspaper. The perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day would be one of these unique bags that are both fun and practical!  It would be perfect if the person in question loves chocolate, flowers (or both), romantic candlelit dinners—and totally cool handmade presents too!!

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

For the eco-friendly valentine, give her this gorgeous tree globe. Made of recycled glass and painted with colorful designs to represent nature’s beauty in all its forms; it makes for a gift that she can cherish forever! Pick your own personal motif from our collection or contact artist who will customize something based on what fits best suits you both as individuals

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

This cool glass sculpture is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s a hand blown glass jar in the shape of an opened Ziploc baggie! Fill it with candy and give as Valentine gift for her – she’ll love how thoughtful you are, but be careful not to bump into any edges because this thing has tendency (at least according what our research tells) on spilling all over your hands when handled improperly

Two Hearts in a Pod

Two hearts in a pod. For Valentine’s Day, or just because you want to show your love for each other and feel like home decorating with something cute! This is the perfect gift: two red heart-shaped balloons sitting on top green moss nestled delicately inside an intricately carved bean plant stem that has been painted gold (to look brighter than nature).

It can hang anywhere as romantic decorative art. This gift will make her smile because it reminds them both about how strong they are when together and the many years ahead filled with love to last them through anything life throws at them!

I’ll Be There Necklace

The I’ll Be There Necklace is a perfect way to let your significant other know that you want nothing more than for them be there through thick and thin. This Valentine’s Day gift says it in plain English, worked into silver pendant back by brass cutout-a symbol of protection against bad luck or negativity which will follow her everywhere she goes!

Inspiring Paperweight

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other a reminder of how much they mean to you with this beautiful and inspirational paper weight. Made from high-quality materials in an elegant design that will work well anywhere!

Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand

Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand – a modern take on ancient Buddhist symbols, this hand-shaped wooden stand offers ample storage space for your bracelets and necklaces. The small notch at its base can hold earrings or rings while its longer finger holds larger pieces such asitaire pendants; these features make it perfect whether you are looking to gift one item (for instance)or if several people want something different from each other!

Wine Tasting Flight

For the person who has everything, give them an experience they will never forget. Soar into her good graces with this handmade Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to impress any woman in your life—a wine tasting board!

This traditional arched design includes four carafes so she can get together and host a girls night while enjoying some fine wines from across France (and bragging about how great their significant other knows what kind of stuff goes well).

Key To My Heart

If you want to give your Valentine a gift that will be appreciated, romantic and meaningful this Valentine’s Day consider giving them the key to their heart. A symbolic gesture of opening oneself up completely so they can love freely without limitations or conditions-the same way we all do with others when in relationships worth keeping long term!

Library Card Tote Bag

Library Card Tote Bag – is the perfect gift for any book lover! Give this unique tote bag as a present on Valentine’s Day or during National Library Week. The design looks like an old-fashioned checkout card from your local library. She can use it when she goes grocery shopping at her local Co Op store and carries books around in style too.

Bead Woven Red Rose Brooch

The red rose is a symbol of love in many cultures and stories. This Valentine’s Day, give the woman who means more than anything to you an Uptown Girl her very own bead-woven brooch made from Mozambique garnets set into beaded calyxes that will make this special time together even more memorable!

Pressed Flower Suncatcher

This Valentine’s Day, give the woman in your life a gift that will remind her of you every time she looks at it. The pretty artwork combines two things she loves: art and flowers. It’s shaped like a crescent moon with heart-shaped pendant that reads “I Love You to the Moon And Back”.

Birth Month Flower Earrings

For Valentine’s Day this year, give your sweetheart a pair of flower earrings made from the month she was born. The perfect gift requires some research and figuring out what her birth month flower is and contact the artist in order get them made into matching earrings!


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