Griha Pravesh is considered one of the most important and auspicious steps in the Hindu religion which is carried out for new beginnings. Now, the new beginning may be for a new house, a newly wed couple, or even a newborn child.

Griha Pravesh is nothing but an auspicious moment commonly called ‘shubh muhurat’ at which the sun, fire, earth, water, wind, and most importantly spirit are aligned in such a way that it brings happiness, health, wealth, and joy to our lives.

These things may not be the trend out there but it plays a very important role in Hindu religion. Many people wish to carry out this ritual but it happens to be that not everyone is aware of the things that need to be paid attention to.

Coming back to Griha Pravesh, Navratri is said to be the most auspicious and holy time for any new beginning. The time of Navratri is considered to be so lucky and holy or you may call it very ‘shubh’ so much so that people generally schedule their new beginnings around this time. People wish each other good luck in their native languages just like griha pravesh wishes in hindi, gujurati, marathi, and so on.

So, today we will share some warm tips for Griha Pravesh this Navratri,

Warm Tips For Griha Pravesh This Navratri

  1. The very first and most important thing is to clean your house before the griha pravesh pooja takes place. Make sure that you clean your house thoroughly and sprinkle some holy water (Ganga jal) all around your house to promotor purity and sacredness.
  2. When we talk about griha pravesh for a new house, it is important that you conduct the pooja only when your house is completely ready from top to bottom.
  3. When entering the new house, it is important that you put forth your right foot first. Entering with your right foot first is considered to be very auspicious and promotes positivity. Our ancestors believed that the human heart is situated on the left side and so that side is unstable, this is why the right side is considered stable and that’s why the right foot is first.
  4. The main door is said to be the entrance for prosperity and happiness and it is said that goddess Laxmi enters our house on that day, so one must decorate the main door with flowers and mango leaves. Other than that, one must also draw Swastik and the footsteps of goddess Laxmi for all the happiness to gush in.
  5. When you arrange the griha pravesh, make sure that the temple (mandir) in your house is established or you may say the ‘mandir sthapna’ should be done in the north-east direction. Make sure that your temple is facing the east direction.
  6. It is said to be positive and joyful to make a rangoli at the entrance of the house to welcome goddess Laxmi to bless us on the auspicious and holy moment of griha pravesh.
  7. If possible, it is recommended to invite only the near and dear ones to the house warming pooja. It is advised so because inviting a lot of people may also mean inviting some negative energy and we surely do not want any of that on such an auspicious occasion.
  8. The pooja should always begin with worshipping Ganpati Bappa as he is said to be the one who destroys any hurdles and obstacles. He is known as the ‘Vighnaharta’ in the Hindu religion and that is why it is a very important step.
  9. Lastly, make sure that you and your family members spend a night on the day of pooja in your new house. Also, ensure that your new house is not left vacant for at least one month after Griha Pravesh and at least one member of your family resides there.


So, these were a few tips that are very important to consider for any griha pravesh pooja. As even mentioned earlier, Navratri is said to be one of the best times for any new beginnings in life and so it is important that all things are taken well care of during the auspicious occasion.


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