South Carolina kitchens exude of love, warmth, and obviously food. Like the rest of the Southern States, interior design in South Carolina is rustic, vintage, and homey.

It comprises warm tones, wooden cabinets, vibrant decor, and distressed paints. The basic idea is to use a unique accent so that it brightens up the entire place while blending perfectly with the rest of the room.

So if you’re seeking that sweet South Carolina style or simply looking for design ideas for your next Charleston kitchen remodeling project then you’ll want to check out these 7 design elements for inspiration! 

Light-Colored Cabinets

Natural Lights

Farm-house style kitchens always use plenty of natural light from sunbeams. They are always well lit, which makes them look warm and open. Thus, aligning perfectly, with the values of the Southern style. Unfortunately, not every kitchen has access to this natural gold commonly known as sunlight. However, you can knock down a wall and install a window. All you have to do is to hire some experts.

Add Metals

Metals bring the warmth and color essential for a country-style kitchen. You can achieve this by hanging your pots and pans above the stove-top or installing metallic faucets. Copper blends well with the Southern-style kitchen while acting as a natural focal point. Moreover, you can install metallic frames for ceiling lights to add an eclectic feel. Metals add a clean and elegant depth to the entire room without drawing much attention towards it.

Light-Colored Cabinets

Normally the vintage or rustic kitchens in magazines have either wooden or white cabinets. The key is to hit the right balance by either using a wooden cabinet against white countertops or vice versa. Going for an all-white look takes away the charm of Southern design.  

Bold Accents

As mentioned before, the whole idea behind the said design aesthetic is to add colorful details over a neutral background. For example, a fun backsplash using colorful tiles against white or cream painted walls adds a character to the kitchen. Sometimes, people incorporate a signature wall with bold colors or patterns.  

Vintage Details

Nothing screams country or rustic like distressed paint or weathered wood. These small vintage details work perfectly with the South Carolina style kitchen. Hit the nearest flea market for finding the quirky and old furniture or design pieces. For example, a large wooden cupboard cabinet provides additional storage while adding to its beauty. In addition to this, you can buy vintage kitchen accessories, appliances, or decorative pieces. Anything that works with the rest of the kitchen as well as enhances its comfort.

Statement Ceiling 

A chandelier or fancy ceiling lights have been an indispensable part of vintage kitchens. They are in almost every magazine picture from the last century. In addition to lighting the dining area, they intensify the charm and character of the kitchen. But now the trends have shifted towards exposed brick ceilings or wooden beans. Sometimes, designers mix all three with the smart placement of each element. The statement ceiling adds a WOW factor to the whole room while making it unique to your house only.

Liven Things Up

Lastly, add those final finishes through colorful and vibrant printed fabrics in the form of rugs, napkins, or chair cushions. Since southern interior design uses natural materials like wood or stone, therefore it leaves plenty of fun options to explore. Moreover, you can bring nature inside to change the whole ambiance for the better. You can grow organic herbs and microgreens inside small containers that will add a pop of greenery as well as produce fresh herbs.

Since Southern decor leaves a lot of room to play around and experiment with. These small details are what distinguishes your kitchen from the rest. So don’t be shy in adding as many personal touches as you want. But whatever you do, don’t compromise the warmth and comfort of a country-style Southern Carolina kitchen.



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