Television has come a long way. There was a time when they used to be bulky and only black and white. But now they are so much more- sleek, sexy, and smart. Other than the physical modifications, there have been many modifications to the actual functioning of televisions. This is what has lead to the advent of Smart television.

So what is Smart TV? Smart Television is simply an upgraded version of regular television. Besides getting all the standard channels, you can get on-demand movies and series. Isn’t that exciting? But how does that happen? Smart televisions can connect to the internet. They have preinstalled video streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, and much more.

This is just the beginning, with a Smart television at home, you can do a lot of things. You can use it as an educational tool for your kids. You can download and play your favorite episodes and movies anytime you want. Isn’t that great?

Samsung is one of the leading companies when it comes to Smart television. Samsung Smart TV is known for its responsiveness, easy installation, and useful applications.

With a Samsung smart TV, you can do a lot, but most people are unaware of the true potential of a Samsung Smart television.

Samsung Smart TV Apps

Here are some applications which intend to improve your Smart TV experience:

Pluto TV is one of the primary applications which your device must-have. Pluto TV is a video streaming application that gives you access to a wide variety of movies and series. Besides this, it also has Live TV so you can catch a live show or watch some news.

Pluto TV has something or the other for everyone. You can explore genres like horror, comedy, thriller, and romance.

Who does not know about HBO? Home Box Office has been around for along. And now HBO has its video streaming application called HBO NOW. If you have a Samsung Smart TV, it is best if you download HBO NOW.

One strong reason to download HBO NOW is that it has Game of Throne. Wouldn’t you like unlimited access to that? Besides Game of Thrones, there are many binge worth series available on HBO NOW.

Did you know that your Smart Television can connect to YouTube? Now you have unlimited access to videos and music. And you can access it right here on your television.

The best thing about YouTube is that it is free. You can watch videos from your favorite creators now on your television. Another great thing about YouTube is that it is suited for all ages. No matter a kid, young adult, or an older individual, YouTube has something for everyone.

Want access to the most popular, premium quality music,  download Spotify. On Spotify, you can listen to national, international, and even regional music. Just enter your preferences, and Spotify will compose enjoyable playlists for you.

Besides music, you can also listen to your favorite podcasts. There is so much to do on Spotify, and now you can do it directly on your television.

HULU is a video streaming application that has some of the best content. It is known for creating original series and movies which are sure to have an impact on you. HULU is of American origin and is known for premium quality content. HULU believes in taking things a step further.

Once you have purchases a subscription, you can watch as many movies and series as you want. HULU is loved by the masses because of the flexibility it offers. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

A smart television without Netflix is incomplete. Netflix is known to host hundreds of movies and series. You can browse through different categories and watch videos that interest you. It is truly a bottomless pit that will keep you entertained for hours.

Besides commercial content, you will also find some Netflix original content. There are many kid-friendly programs, as well. It allows you to have some dedicated family time with your loved ones.

Just buy a subscription and sign in using your smart television. The fantastic thing about Netflix is that it offers high definition streaming which ensures that you get nothing but the best.

If you are a gamer, then the Samsung Smart television is the right choice for you. You can download the PlayStation Now or PSN application on your smart tv. Using this application, you can play all PS 2,3 and 4 games on your Smart Hub.

Using this application, you can easily play larger games. PSN application directly streams the game from Sony Server, which makes it easy for you to enjoy the best version.

Amazon Prime Videos, just like Netflix, have a vast collection of movies, series, and stand up comedy. It is available on-demand. You can choose to download your favorite videos and watch them later.

Just like Netflix, Amazon also has Amazon’s original content. The best thing about Amazon Original is that it is incredibly thought-provoking and entertaining. With Amazon Prime Videos on your Smart television, you will never get bored.

Using Amazon Prime Videos, you can not only stream content in different languages, but you can also watch regional content.

Amazon Prime Music is a music application made available by Amazon. It has a bast collection of music- from retro to modern. It is also available in different languages. The best thing about Amazon Prime Music is that it is ad-free. You can now listen to your favorite music, uninterrupted.

Want to chill out with friends and family at home? Why not turn your Smart TV into a Karaoke. Karaoke TV is an application that allows you to watch HD Karaoke videos. You can have Karaoke sessions with friends, play games, or just listen to some music.

Other must-have applications are:

  • Popcorn Flix
  • UFC
  • Vimeo
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Plex
  • Dibo’s Playground Plus
  • English Kindergarten
  • Three Little Pigs
  • WordWorld
  • Solar System Planets
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Sticker Theatre
  • Accuweather
  • Web Browser
  • Euro News
  • ABP News
  • Lotto
  • All About Hairstyle
  • The Dating Theory
  • WWE Network
  • TV
  • Cricket DL Calci
  • TV
  • Workout Time Recorder
  • Goal
  • Sports Score Board
  • Millennium Maths
  • Awesome Glasses
  • AstrolImages
  • 7Wonders of the World
  • ABC Monster Fun
  • Alphabet 2012
  • Baby Beetles
  • Viewster
  • Hungama
  • 3D Smart TV
  • Digital Theatre
  • Tubi TV
  • FamBox
  • FilmBox Live
  • Scoop
  • Yupp TV
  • College Humor

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