No matter how attractive tattoos are one thing for sure is that covering them can be a problem. However, since getting rid of tattoos has never been an easy task. You can always cover them up when necessary.

People cover tattoos for different reasons such as to attend special events and also for a new change.  Tattoos may be considered to be permanent, but there are other ways you can cover them up without getting rid of them completely.

So, Here We Are With 5 Tips About Cover Up Tattoos That Will Hopefully Be Helpful To You.
5 Tips About CoverUp Tattoos

  • Makeup.

For women, the use of makeup has proved to be reliable and successful at covering up tattoos. One of the leading brand that is commonly known for successful results is Dermablend. Whether you have a colored tattoo or not, you can use this makeup to temporarily hide your tattoos. However, avoid getting into contact with water because it can easily wash off the makeup.

  • With The Help Of Bandages.

Tattoos can also be covered using bandages. However, make sure that you use the appropriate size. For example, if you have a small tattoo on your face, you can use the first aid band to cover it up. if the tattoo is on your wrist or arm, you can use large or Ace bandages to cover the tattoos. The only tattoos that cannot be covered using bandages are those that are close to the eyes.

  • Scarves.

Scarves are perfect for covering neck tattoos. This special clothing is long which gives you the advantage of covering a big tattoo. Moreover, when shopping for a scarf that can cover up your neck tattoo, make sure that it matches the rest of your outfit. Wearing a fashionable scarf will improve your look and cover up the neck tattoo at the same time.

  • Clothing.

You can also cover up tattoos using clothes. If you have tattoos on most parts of your body, you can always put on clothes when you want to cover up your tattoos. For example, if you have tattoos on your arms, you can put on a long sleeve shirt to hide the tattoos.

No matter how many tattoos you have in your body, you can always cover them up by dressing appropriately. If you do not want your tattoos to be seen avoid putting on sleeve out shirts or any other type of clothing that exposes the skin.

  • Sleeves.

Sleeves are recommended to those who need to cover up their tattoos more often. If you are forced to cover up your tattoos more often because of special events such as civic events, work, or church, then you might want to invest in sleeves. That is because sleeves are not only designed for the arms, but there are others that are specifically designed for other parts of the body such as the calf, leg, and ankle. Moreover, there are even wrist sleeves.


Many people who have tattoos find it difficult to cover up their tattoos and that is because most of them do not know how to do this. However, with the help of these tips, covering tattoos will no longer be an issue.


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