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5 Must-Try Coffee Shop Pastries

Looking for a spot to spend your evenings in, relax, unwind, while enjoying your favorite coffee? Well, there are a lot of things that you have to look for and consider before deciding which Launceston cafe to enter. Typically all cafes are the same, but if you are choosy, you will be keen on some things. Here are a couple of factors to look for when choosing your evening coffee spot;

The Location

Choosing a café is usually more intentional and planned. Most times, it is not the same as the ‘let’s drop into this restaurant and have a quick lunch before we proceed’ type of thing. Most people also go to different café shops for different reasons; for your favorite dessert? Or that coffee you are addicted to? Or you just want to get some work done?

That is why location does play a role. If you want to finish some work you didn’t earlier in the office, you might want a location in the outskirts of town, probably with less traffic, hooting, and loud ‘buy one get one free’ from hawkers. 

The Ambience

Same as location, you also want an ambiance and the kind of environment that resonates with you and why you are in that café in the first place. If you are looking to relax, you might want that spot with soft music and lighting and a peaceful and quiet ambiance. 


The Menu

It is not once or twice you have visited a certain restaurant because of that one specific dish they prepare that you love so much. The same goes for cafes. While the menu here is usually not a full-blown eat and drink menu, there could be that one thing that you are addicted to that they prepare so well.

This could be your favorite coffee or any other beverage. Or most importantly, it could be that dessert that you never cease to think about all day, even in your office.


The Top Must Try Pastries

We all know the types of pastries to expect in cafes; donuts, bread, and tarts are the usual norm. But have you tried these options?

1. Specialty Bread 

You could be used to the normal bread you have every day in your house. But the next time you are at a coffee shop, do yourself a favor and ask for any specialty bread they have on their menu. Or, you could be straightforward and just go ahead and order banana bread. Or better still, Zucchini bread. 

2. Croissants

Croissants are a common type of pastries. But even so, they never cease to appear in the best lists of pastries. This is a classic and essential option for everyone, well, not unless you are from another planet. And, you can eat them just about any time of the day, with a variety of coffees (your favorite coffee). If you haven’t tried croissants before (for whatever reasons in the world), now you know what to order next time.

3. Turtle Pie

This not only looks good on your plate and activates your taste glands but also tastes better than it looks. Seriously, if you haven’t tried turtle pie, what do you even order in cafes! Well, you could be the cheesecake gang by default, but dare you to try turtle pie today, your life will not be the same again. 

4. Bacon Plus Egg Pie

When it comes to pies, the sky is the limit. And while this is a common type of pastries and dessert, just have you tried the bacon and egg combo? If not, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

5. Fruit Tarts

Tarts are also the number one options to a lot of people, but how about a dark-roasted, sweet, fruity tart? This will get your mouth watering. While having fruit tarts, you also might want to avoid highly flavored coffee. The combination could be overwhelming.

Last modified: May 3, 2021