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5 Important Skills To Look For While Choosing A Tax Agent

Hiring a tax agent could be an essential move, especially for small business owners. While it is easy to find tax accountants both online and offline, finding a good one is where the task lies. To make sure you get the best, here are some of the skills and traits you should be looking for;

  • Tax Specialist

Or rather, choose one who specializes in tax. Just because someone is an accountant doesn’t necessarily make them a tax accountant. Business taxes are way more complex than personal accounts. That is why it is essential to hire only an expert and the best professional. 

  • Have The Interest To Understand Your Needs

The last anticipation you have is landing into the palms of an accountant who is all about a one-size-fits-all type of business. You want someone who takes time to understand you, your business, and your needs. Every business is different, and they all call for different kinds and levels of attention, this includes yours too.

Your business deserves a professional who will genuinely show an interest in helping us out. You can tell this by the questions they ask, how they ask them, and how they dig into everything financial, to create the necessary solutions that your business needs as far as taxes. 


  • Experience With Other Same Level Business As Yours

Not all organizations and businesses are on the same level. Taxes for small businesses are different from taxes for large businesses. You want to work with an accountant who has handled businesses of the same level as yours, or better still, who entirely specializes in businesses in the same level as yours.

  • High Attentive And Organization Skills

Filing business taxes is a whole lot of work that comes in multiple different tasks that could get tedious at times. This includes filling out forms, gathering information, meeting deadlines, and so forth. You, therefore, want to make sure your tax agent Bondi Junction is keen on paying attention to detail as well as highly organized. 

The last thing you want is to lose your business or pay high costs for a mistake made in filing taxes. Make sure that your tax accountant can well keep track and records as needed, and can manage all the required processes without committing mistakes. 

  • Great Communication Skills

High numbers might be your primary focus while hiring a tax agent. But you also want to make sure they have great communication skills. Taking care of all your tax needs could be a stressful and complex process at times. And it can only get worse if your accountant can not even communicate it well to you. 

Get an accountant who is always available, keeps you up to date with your current tax situation, and answers any questions you might have. 

How To Find A Great Tax Agent

The research could be daunting. Finding a good tax agent, especially if it is your first time could be a little overwhelming. But since you know what skills you are looking for, here are some ways to find the best tax accountant;

  • Getting a referral from someone or people you know is a great way of getting a real-time, real-life review. You can ask a family member, colleagues, neighbours, or just about anyone you trust. 
  • Reading online reviews is also another way to land the best. If you can find a tax professional that has multiple great reviews on trusted review sites, you should go ahead and seize the opportunity to work with them. Remember online reviews are not only to insight you on who to work with but also who not to work with.
Last modified: April 23, 2021