5 Gift Ideas For Peach Lovers

Written by: LIFESTYLE

5 Gift Ideas For Peach Lovers

Do you have someone close for whom you want to make a peachy surprise? According to research most of the peach lovers fall in the age group of 18 – 24, most of the people who fail to appreciate the flavors presented by peach lie in the older age bland of 51 – 68.

Source: Growing Produce

Here are some fantastic ideas to give your “peachy” friends and family :

  • Peach patterned clothes:

Having a top or pair of pajamas with a lovely print of peaches is definitely worth considering, if you think this may be a little over the top, how about a pretty peach tinted tee or cute peach bunny bedroom sneakers can be the perfect gift.

Most people would appreciate a lovely peach designed sheet, napkin, or towel. However, in certain contexts, this might end up being quite a bad idea, especially if you want to give such an article to someone who doesn’t enjoy wearing something with cute yet tacky patterns.

This might be a much more suitable gift for younger folks such as children or young adults who enjoy the soft and warm color of the peach.

  • Peach scented products:

From soaps to candles, there’s a lot to go in this department as well. Peaches have a rich sweet aroma which will work really well as a mind relaxing agent and bring back sweet memories of the fruit melting in their mouths.

As a soap, there are several companies that sell conventional soaps as well as a few that trade in luxury soaps, these are quite highly sought after and could be given as an expensive souvenir to someone special.

In the candle department as well, there exist tonnes of companies that sell scented luxury candles as well as quite a few sellers of scented massage oils, a lovely scented oil can brighten up your favorite peach lover’s day.

  • Peach flavored whiskey:

There’s nothing that can make your old grandad smile like ripe peaches or a fine bottle of vintage whisky. Then how about giving him a mix of both?

A fine bottle of perfectly blended whisky along with the lovely flavor of perfectly infused Georgia peaches will be quite a delight for anyone, especially a whisky connoisseur.

  • Peach flavored food:

If the person you plan to gift is a gourmet, you might want to consider getting them some peach flavored food. From peach chocolates to peach ice-creams, there’s a lot of variety in terms of food. Delicious, mouth-watering peach chocolates will definitely be an acceptable gift for any occasion.

Sweet and delicious fruit tarts, shakes, or ice-creams will be a great way to enter a neighborhood potluck.

And finally, the unforgettable peach flavored candy, these can make somebody’s day. With its strong flavor and lovely texture, a pack of peach candy would be a lovely gift.

  • Peach paraphernalia:

For the most devoted peach fans, just a few peach tinted shirts or sweaters in peach print won’t cut it. These fans won’t sit still until they have their floors and ceilings covered in the holy fruit.

A lovely peach themed mug, for those who love their morning coffee, a pretty peach design on a journal will not only excite that friend that dreams of being an author someday or a simple bookmark with a dash of peach artwork.

If this won’t do, how about a peach themed dining set? Or some peach themed whisky glasses? These will go very well with your peach whisky gift.

A pretty peach gift can give somebody going through a rough day at least a moment of joy.

As much as having an all peach room, or even an entirely peach themed house might seem like a fun idea, most people tend to grow out of it sooner or later, so going with a more subtle gift will be a lot easier on both you and the recipient in the long run.

So remember to get something simple yet elegant like peach clothing, peach scents, peach-flavored whisky, or add some fun with some peach ice cream or candy.