4 Steps towards qualifying for the JH-CTY program

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4 Steps towards qualifying for the JH-CTY program

Being a competitor in the SCAT exam is no easy task, every year, tens of hundreds of students write the SCAT, however, most do not get through.

If you want to qualify for the JH-CTY entrance test, here’s a list of the things you need to know.

What is the JH-CTY?

The JH-CTY is a short form for the John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth. They are a Non-profit Organization dedicated to the finding and refinement of academically advanced pre-college students across the world. They conduct several programs :

  • During the Summer months.
  • Some are conducted online.
  • International programs.
  • Family programs.

Source: JH-CTY

Am I eligible for the JH-CTY program?

Results of the SCAT test may put you in one of two categories:

  • CTY level: This shows that a student’s ability is about two grades above their current grade.
  • Advanced CTY level: Students who have achieved this are said to have an academic ability approximately four grades above their current grade.

Eligibility criteria are defined in grade bands for each grade, from 2-9.

A single set of criteria applies to students in and above grade 9. Levels of math, quantitative ability, and spatial reasoning and verbal and reasoning scores are independent of each other.

Test scores are separated into two windows for each year: July 1-December 31 and January 1-June 30.

Each program may have additional specific requirements beyond the basic necessary scores.

Source: JH-CTY

Click here for a link to the official JH-CTY website to determine your eligibility.

If you are determined to clear the SCAT exam there are several points to be kept in mind, this being a higher grade level test is all the more reason to go the extra mile and follow these simple steps in your SCAT test prep.

These steps are:

  1. Scheduling your studies:

Having a tight and rigorous schedule is the number one thing to remember when preparing for a test. Keeping yourself within the restrictions of time and having well-organized study patterns can not only drop the total time you spend studying but also ensure more knowledge for each minute spent.

Some students choose to prepare schedules by themselves, while others rely on coaches, counselors, or tutors.

  1. Getting Trained:

Just like any competition, the right amount of preparation can take you from being a dunce to being able to outperform people several years older than you. A coach, trainer, or guide can take you through impossibly hard concepts in a matter of minutes.

This is why several students rely on classes taken online or directly while preparing for the SCAT. With the right foundation, you can surpass limits you never knew were even possible.

  1.  Practicing for the test:

The most important thing for any student is practice. Through doing practice tests for the SCAT you can master the problem-solving process.

Writing mock tests and solving sample problems can improve your confidence when writing the test, reduce exam stress and fear, and works as a great way to feel the experience of writing the test without actually writing it.

There are several ways to find sample papers for SCAT test prep such as online websites and coaching classes.

  1. Having the right Nutrition and Sleep:

Apart from working hard, having a healthy and wholesome diet is extremely important. Eating poorly can leave you tired, weak, and might even lead to an inability to write the test.

Sleeping right and on time will give you a good rhythm when working. Having regular sleeping hours can change the way you study and help you pick the perfect time of day for your circadian rhythm.

Following a strong, said pattern can help you maintain a stable rhythm and keep yourself well prepared for the SCAT. Being one of the hardest exams to clear, the SCAT cannot be easily aced without suitable preparation.

With the right amount of effort, the right teachers, and a good amount of practice you can clear the SCAT too! By following these steps: Maintaining a schedule, eating well, sleeping on time, taking practice tests, solving sums, and receiving training for the concepts you struggle in will change your chances of success drastically.

Entering a JH-CTY program is every student’s dream. Luck be with you!

Last modified: December 17, 2020