Nowadays, people are more actively present on social media than at home. It is an excellent way to relax, peek into other people’s life, connect with everyone, and very importantly, it has become a necessity to be present on social media. However, do you know which is the crucial step to be taken while creating an account?

It is having a good username as this becomes our identity on social media. Creating a unique username that appears both creative and funny is a time-consuming task. However, the results yield are worth the effort put behind the creation of cool usernames as they are going to leave a good impression on others and may increase the followers.

It seems that all the creative usernames have already been in use on the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The reason may be the presence of loads of people on these sites. But no worries, a little shift from the standard approach and few tips will help in coming up with a voguish username.

The very first thing to think about is the platform on which we are creating a username. Each social media platform gets used for a specific purpose. People should make usernames accordingly that justify their purpose on such platforms. Twitter and Facebook are more of a mixture of professional and personal information.

The user needs to have a username based on what they will use it. Instagram is a platform that the user uses to post their photos. It is more to connect with other users, make them like your photos, make them follow your account. Hence, the username cannot be a funky one on Twitter in contrast to the username on Instagram where it can be made creative.

The second thing that needs our attention is what content will get posted on the account. Will it be used for some comedy content, for fitness tips, for beauty advice, for endorsing brands, or for sharing your daily lifestyle? It may be for anything. For a perfect username that goes in tune with your profile, you should first get clarity on its type of content.

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How to come up with a creative username?

Though there is no end to getting creative, below mentioned are some of the useful combinations that would help you:

  • Flower name + Name of Brand
  • First name + a rhyming word of it
  • Season + music genre
  • An adjective describing you + First name
  • Alliteration using the first name
  • Your favorite word from some other language
  • Try fitting your favorite word or phrase with the first name in various combinations, write backward, alter the position, or cut the words.

Below mentioned are some of the usernames created by applying the above tips:


Endearing usernames

If the username is getting created for Instagram and one wants their username to be adorable, one may try out several words that can be used in combination with the first name or with the initials. A few of such combinations are listed below:


Phobic usernames

Having a phobia of anything is not good; however, one can create a very creative username using obscure phobias. Making use of phobias does not necessarily mean that one has those phobias. If one likes the way the word phobia sounds, the user can use it in their username. Let us look at some of the ways of using the word phobia:


Inverting the real name or any word

Have you ever tried inverting the letters of your name? If not, it’s time to do now. Who knows, writing your name backward gets you a super cool username. Any word which is not available as username can be inverted to form something out of the world. Let us look at some of the coolest usernames that sound way better than the real one when written backward:

  • Christmas becomes @samtsirhc
  • Heaven becomes @Nevaeh
  • Disney becomes @Yensid
  • Siri becomes @Iris
  • Mail becomes @Liam
  • Santos becomes @sotnas
  • Finley becomes Yelnif

Interesting Usernames for Twitch

Are you a gamer? Are you going to stream your videogames on Twitch? But wait, do you want the people from across the globe to watch your videos? If yes, then having a unique username would do half the work for you. Twitch is a streaming medium. It streams the people playing video games. The username of a gamer differs from other social media users. Having any random name with a set of characters or numbers in it would be less likable. Try creating a username that develops your identity as well as it becomes easily searchable for the people looking out for you on Twitch.

  • Iron Titan
  • Masked Merc
  • Dark Defender
  • Frozen Fate
  • Toxic TV
  • Blaze Hatter
  • Ultimate Gunner
  • Crash Carnage
  • Turbo Slayer

Fake Profile usernames

At least thirty percent of the profiles created on social media among the millions are fake. Many people have two to three profiles on Instagram among which one is authentic while the rest are fakes. Such accounts are called finsta or fake Instagrams. The reason for creating these fraudulent profiles varies from person to person.

While some may not be comfortable to reveal their real identity and for some such profiles may contain photos that do not fit the content on their original account. They don’t want some specific images to get viewed by their family or friends. There is nothing wrong with such finsta unless you are harming anyone. One may try creating cool usernames for such fake profiles by taking help from below mentioned ones:

  • BWithBooks
  • MusicPro
  • Shopoholic
  • Beatingvibes
  • VikingBiking

Ways to alter the usernames in use

Though your username is in use, you would be looking to turn into a cool one, below mentioned are some of the tricks you can apply for conversion:

  • Try adding symbols such as dots, underscores such as holy_stone, tit.tup, K.r.i.s.t.y
  • Alter by adding numbers like Heartbea2ice
  • Add or remove a letter/letters from username such as Christiine

These are some of the trendy and creative username tips that can be applied to create a unique username fitting to your profile.


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