A fireproof home safe is an essential asset of today’s times. Everyone wants to keep their valuables safe, and to lose them is quite heart-wrenching. But the thing is what to store in the safe? Below is the breakdown of the list.

#1 Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is proof that requires many things. For instance, when applying for a social security card, a birth certificate is needed. Another example, when applying to the university program, again, the authority can demand the birth certificate. Therefore, it’s a vital document that one may need at a certain point in time. So, missing the certificate can put the person in a lot of trouble.

#2 Insurance Policy

Keeping the insurance papers in the fireproof lockbox is an ideal decision. In case the house burns down, the safe will keep the policies safe. At that time, one will rescue themselves rather than the things. Here is the plus benefit as one has adequate time to save the safe along with the valuables inside.

#3 House Photos

We all have some memories that we want to keep close to our hearts. Losing the memories is quite hurting. It’s recommended to keep the family photos and all the memories in the safe to prevent robbery & fire damages. If possible, one can also keep electronic storage media such as CDs, pen drives, etc.

#4 Vital Keys

It’s essential to have fast access to the keys in case of emergencies. Many times when things are not in favor, and one may require a vital key that becomes inconvenient to access. So keeping keys in safe not only protects from fire but also when the person needs it in some other emergencies.

#5 Social Security Cards

Just like birth certificates, social security cards must be stored in a fireproof safe box. One may require them at any time, so keeping them in the safe allows the person to have quick access in case of urgent requirements. Furthermore, keep secure if any kind of explosion occurs in the home.

#6 Wills and Living Trusts

Documents such as healthcare, power of attorney should be stored in the safe. It’s better to keep for all the members and have the extra copies kept in some other safety box.

#7 Passports

Reissuing a new passport takes a lot of time, and one may not have sufficient time to get the new passport again. So, it’s better to keep the passport in a safe condition with some passport photos ready from Photo Studio Calgary, and nothing is best than a fireproof safe.

#8 Financial Account Information

Every person has some papers which are related to investment and saving. The documents are significant in everyone’s life, and losing them again is a stressful concern. Therefore, it’s suggested to always keep the original copies in the safe and also have the duplicate copies which can be kept in other spaces such as a slot in the cupboard (but must ensure it’s locked)

 #9 Emergency Cash

Usually, a safe was meant to keep the money. However, people seek the help of banks to keep their money safe in the form of savings. It doesn’t mean that one cannot keep the emergency cash. There can be situations where a person may need some amount of cash; so, keeping urgent cash is a productive decision.

#10 Medical Documents

Medical papers should not be neglected as they are also important. This may include phone numbers of doctors, prescriptions, medical bills, etc.

Finally, one worry will be resolved if these 10 important things are stored in the fireproof home safe.


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