Z Nation is an American post-apocalyptic series. It revolves around the evolution of zombies and how humans have been adapting to it. It was first launched in 2014, and ever since then, it has been on the air for five glorious seasons.

The massive popularity of zombies on national and international television is the reason for their success. Besides the enormous post-apocalyptic horror, this series is full of action, adventure and drama. In between horror, bits of comedy are sure to keep you addicted to this show.

Z Nation Season 6 Release Date

Z Nation Storyline:

This Syfy TV series takes place in a world where zombies dominate the Earth. It has been three years since the Zombie Apocalypse took place. Humankind has been almost wiped out, and all you can see is roaming zombies. This zombie apocalypse was caused due to a virus. What is going to happen next?

Murphy, a prisoner at Portsmouth Naval Prison in Maine, was forced into taking part in a government-initiated experiment. A vaccine was injected in his body, and he is the only one known to have survived it. Being the lone survivor he the only hope of humanity. He and a small group of humans take on a mission to travel from New York to California where Centres of Disease control is located. They intend to use Murphy’s blood to make more vaccines and save humankind.

Since Murphy is the only person who survived the effects of the vaccine, this blood is full of antibodies against the zombie virus. But it is not all good news. The introduction of the virus produces certain changes in the body of Murphy. He soon becomes a hybrid, half-zombie half-human. It is not all bizarre, and he can still keep the changes in control. But is that enough? Where will this lead?

Murphy soon people a small group of people led by Simon Cruller, who intends to restore the pre-apocalyptic state. He has eyes on all parts of the world. But what will happen next is tough to predict. The unpredictability of things was one of the significant reasons this series was so popular. The twist and turn, plots, and subplots are much appreciated by the audience. Besides the struggle to survive is shown in a raw format.

Z Nation 6 Cast:

  • Kellita Smith as Lt. Roberta Warren: Kellita Smith plays the role of an apocalyptic survivor Lt. Roberta Warren. She is a smart, intelligent, and dedicated person. She has leadership qualities that are more refined when she becomes responsible for a group of survivors. The apocalypse took everything from her, and now her only goal is to survive and make sure that everyone in her group is away from danger. Kellita Smith is an American born actress, model, and comedian. She is best known for her part in ‘The Bernie Mac Show’. In the earlier stages of her life, she used to be a model. Later she started her career in theatre with ‘Tell It Like It Tiz’. She also won an NAACP Theatre Award for her performance in ‘No Place to be Somebody’.
  • DJ Qualls as Simon ‘Citizen Z’ Cruller: Citizen Z is a professional hacker who was a part of the NSA. He was posted in the Arctic Circle- Northern Light. During their rescue mission during the apocalypse, things go seriously wrong, and all his colleagues perish. Currently, he is the only survivor of the NSA. He uses his sweet computer skills to make their journey towards California easier. Through his radio podcast, he also tries to reach out to other potential survivors. DJ Qualls is an American actor and producer. Some of her best works include ‘Road Trip’, ‘The New Guy’, ‘Hustle and Flow’, and ‘The Core’. He has also made guest appearances on numerous television shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Lost’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’.
  • Keith Allan as Alvin Murphy: Murphy is by far the most essential character of Z Nation. Keith Allan plays the role of Alvin Bernard Murphy. He was an inmate at Portsmouth Naval Prison, but after an experiment, it is determined that he is the only hope of humanity. His blood can produce antibodies against the zombie vaccine. Being exposed to the zombie vaccine gave Murphy special powers. He can now communicate with zombies, develop feelings for them, and even control them. It opens many doors of opportunities for Z Nation. Keith Allan is an American actor and scriptwriter. He is known for his work in ‘Social Nightmare’ and ‘Z Nation’.
  • Russell Hodgkinson as Steven “Doc” Beck: Steve is often referred to as Doc, but he is not a real doctor. Russell Hodgkinson plays the role of a recovering drug addict who later becomes a counselor. He often tends to the medical needs of the people in the group. He can do so because of his keen interest in the television show ‘ER’. Russell Hodgkinson has made several appearances on television and in movies. Some of which include ‘Big Fist’, ‘We Go Way Back’, ‘Star Leaf’, and ‘Sharknado 5’.

Rumors about Z Nation 6:

Z Nation is likely to be canceled. To disappoint many of its fans, there are minimal chances that there will be a season 6. Rumors have it that the failing views and dropping interest of people have urged the network to end this show.

Z Nation 6 News:

There shall be no season 6 for Z Nation. Season 5 marks the end of this zombie centered TV show. Syfy network has confirmed that there will be no more Z Nation. It was made official just before season 5 came to an end. This allowed the creators of the show to give Z Nation a proper ending. The last episode of season 5 was supposed to be a season finale, which was later converted into a series finale.

Final Thoughts:

Z Nation has officially ended with its last episode aired on December 28th, 2018. Throughout its journey, Z Nation has managed to get constant support from its viewers. But because of low critic rating, Z Nation came to an end.


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