To Laser Hair Removal


Your Complete Guide To Laser Hair Removal

“How to remove body hairs” is the most common question every individual asks. The answers to this are numerous. For example, shaving, waxing, and tweezing are common methods. Though the majority of the individuals choose one among these methods, laser hair removal gives you excellent results

Laser is one of the best hair removal techniques that removes your hair permanently. It’s fast, effective, and nearly painless. However, the laser wasn’t the first permanent hair removal technique.

Electrolysis was the first permanent hair removal technique invented around 100 years ago. What made people drop electrolysis and opt for lasers instead was the fact that the former was extremely slow. 

Furthermore, electrolysis was not suitable for large body parts. Thus, laser hair removal techniques became popular among people. Today, you will find several laser hair removal machines that increase efficiency and reduce side effects. 

Continue reading to know everything about this laser hair removal technique, like its cost, duration, types of lasers, side effects, and much more. 

Essential things to know about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is nearly painless

There is no doubt that shaving, waxing, and tweezing are the more painful hair removal techniques. Whether you are waxing and tweezing a small or big area, you will go through severe pain and rashes. Though shaving is not very painful out of the three techniques, it leaves behind painful bumps and razor burn all over the shaved part. 

On the other hand, the laser is considered the most painless hair removal technique by most people who have experience with all the techniques. The laser hair removal technique also leaves behind some soreness; it’s usually common and short-lived. Hence, the laser is your right hair removal technique.

Laser hair removal is usually cost-effective 

It’s a common myth that the laser hair removal technique is expensive over cheap options such as waxing, shaving, and tweaking. However, it is not true. What you must remember is that the latter three options are not permanent. That is, you will have to spend your valuable time and money to remove your hair after a fixed time period. On the other hand, the laser is permanent. 

Depending upon how many areas you have to get hair removed from, your number of sessions will vary. However, an average of 12-hours is the overall time the laser technique takes for hair removal. It is a sort of one-time spending and, thus, cost-effective. 

Laser hair removal gives better results

No matter which hair removal technique you choose as per your requirements, the result has a main say in all. The shaving, waxing, and tweaking industry releases several products every moment, promising great results.

However, their results are either limited or poor. Talking about lasers, it promises great results over a short period. Thus, you get smooth and hairless skin with minimum pain, investment, and effort. 

How does the laser hair removal technique work?

How does the laser hair removal technique work

As said above, the laser hair removal technique is simple and non-invasive. That is, it doesn’t involve any type of injection or similar thing. Your body hair grows in three stages. During the first stage, the hair is too small and thin that light energy can destroy it easily. Therefore, the pigment of the hair follicle absorbs the light from the laser machine. 

Since the hair follicles are in their first stage, this light will permanently damage the roots of the hair. Once the root is no longer there, the hair won’t grow back. However, note that not all lasers work in the same way. There are lasers for each skin type and body part size. For example, below are the common types of lasers.

  • The diode laser is suitable for light and dark skin types.
  • For large body areas, the alexandrite laser is the best and fast way to remove hair.
  • Another laser called the Nd: YAG laser is good for all skin types; however, it is not effective for fine or light hair types. 

How long does the laser hair removal technique take?

There is no fixed time for this.  Depending upon the area you wish to get the hair removed, the time varies. For example, facial hairs are the easiest ones to remove using a laser. Thus, it will take hardly 5-10 minutes for the same. On the other hand, large body parts such as legs, back, chest, or arms usually take an hour or two. 

Is the laser hair removal technique suitable for everyone?

No, the laser hair removal technique is not suitable for everyone. Candidates with dark hair are the ideal candidates. This is because laser light gets better absorbed by dark color than a light color. 

Are there any severe side effects of laser hair removal?

There are no serious side effects of the laser hair removal method. Only slight after-effects are known, such as stinging or tingling sensation during and after the treatment. These are minute and short-lived. However, it is better to test a small patch of your skin before the laser treatment to see your skin’s reaction to it. If it goes well, you can get the laser treatment done. 


Out of all the known hair removal techniques, laser treatment is the best option due to a variety of reasons. It’s cost-effective, time-effective, free from side effects, and nearly painless. Further, it removes hair permanently by damaging the roots of the hair in the first stage. Hence, if you wish to get the hair removed permanently without much pain, go for laser treatment. 

Last modified: September 10, 2021