David Darnell Brown professionally known as Young Buck is an American rapper and songwriter. Popularly known as Hoodphame, Buck Marley, and Bonafide Hustler, Young Buck was born on March 15, 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. The 39-year-old hip hop rapper is also an actor and is a former member of UTP Playas and G-Unit.

Young Buck went through numerous disputation charges and was dismissed officially by 50 Cent from G-Unit for the contention with the group. Currently, he is heading Cashville Records, which is his record label. The life of this amazing and talented rapper went through many ups and downs; let’s find more information about his personal life, professional life, and other events about his struggle full life.

Personal Profile

Celebrity Name – Young Buck
Full Name – David Darnell Brown
Gender – Male
Birthday – March 15, 1981
Place of Origin – Nashville, Tennesse, U.S
Age – 39
Height – 1.83 m
Weight – 84 kg
Nationality – American
Status – Divorced
Spouse – Tanee McCall
Children – Jada Brown, Jayla Brown, David Brown Jr.
Profession – Rapper and songwriter
Young Buck’s Total Net Worth – $100,000

How Much is Young Buck Worth

Early Life

Young Buck is 39 years old and he was born on March 15, 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee. His forage for rapping started at age 12. Young Buck started rapping at this age and got an association with Cash Money for musical performance. After working with Cash Money for several years, he decided to join other hip hop groups in the city and ended up joining UTP with his fellow rapper Juvenile in 2000. This association ended in 2003. In the early stages of his career, he got appeared in a song Memphis and later on had the opportunity to work with famous American rappers like 50 Cent.

Professional Life

In the initial stages of his career, Young Buck started getting a lot of attention from famous rappers like Baby, co-founder of Cash Money, and 50 Cent. In 1995, he got a chance to perform with Baby, but later on, decided to resign from Cash Money. But the resignation was crumbled with a lot of rumors regarding the dismissal of a contract with G-Unit Records that had choked Young’s singing career since 2008.

In the meantime, Young joined UTP Records and ultimately he ended up meeting 50 Cent. Fortunately, 50 Cent welcomed Young and accredited him as one of the members of the G-Unit in 2003. Young recorded his first-ever album under UTP Records as he was not able to do it till now and he launched the album Beg For Mercy which sold 377,000 copies.

The second album released under G-Unit Records was Straight Outta Cashville which sold 361,000 copies in the very first week and ranked at number three on the Billboard 200. But Young got arrested after this album and stated in an interview to work as a free agent after the release. Times were becoming hard for Young as he was surrounded by several controversies and his career was in jitters.

Soon after the release from Jail, Buck was dismissed from G-Unit and Young Buck retaliated by launching numerous tracks targeting 50 Cent and his associates. However, later on, Buck was seen performing with G-Unit after a reunion on June 1, 2014. With his never looking back spirit, Buck appeared in Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout track along with 50 Cent. After Buck continuously appeared in some famous albums like The Beauty of Independence, Before The Beast, and The Beast is G-Unit selling 20000 copies in a week. Young Buck has also appeared in some films like Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Top Five and Drillbit Taylor.

Personal Life

Having gone through a lot of turmoil in his life, Buck was always seen retaliating back at the troubled times with his positivity towards life. The man with musical talents was shot several times in Nashville and got serious injuries. He was targeted by shooters during morning times and his Chevrolet car was shot openly posing a threat to his life several times.

Many legal issues kept holding Young from excelling further in his professional as well as personal life. He was arrested for weapon charges and charges for threatening his ex-girlfriend also but later on, he was released on bail. Another controversy of having been charged for stabbing Johnson in the chest with a knife at the VIBE Awards.

Young Buck tied the knot with Tanee McCall and they are blessed with a lovely daughter. But due to some personal reasons, the couple got divorced and the relationship ended.

Awards and Achievements

Although the much controversial rapper, Young Buck has gone through a lot some of his tracks made it to worldwide hits. With his musical talents, he has bagged a couple of awards for various tracks and albums.

Here is a list of his awards and achievements for which he has received nominations for his works.

BET Awards 

Young’s P.I.M.P(REMIX) got nominated in the year 2004 for these awards.

Soul Train Music Awards

G-Unit, the famous American hip hop group got nominated for the category Rap New Artist for this award in 2004.

MTV Video Music Awards

The song Stay Fly was nominated for this award under the category of MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video in 2006.

Ozone Awards

The song Get Buck from the album “Buck The World” was nominated for the best video for Ozone Awards.

Although the talented hip hop rapper has not won any major award till now but sailing through the troubled waters of life, Young has managed to make some of his rap songs a worldwide hit and wears the badge of Platinum status around the U.S.

Young Buck’s Total Net Worth

As of 2020, Young Buck’s total net worth amounts to $100,000. A recent raid by IRS on Young forced him to sell his real estate properties to pay the due taxes. Young’s third album The Rehab was launched with much hype in the year 2010 and Buck was sure of selling a million copies of it. Going from arrest to controversies and from breakups to bankruptcy, Young Buck has gone through a lot. Hats off to his never looking back attitude and his courage and endurance.


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