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YOU Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

Netflix never fails to surprise its fans when it comes to thriller series. Fortunately, Psychological thriller YOU has the charm of keeping its audience hooked to the show and Joe’s character. The audience is not intrigued by the popular on screen characters of the series YOU, Joe Goldberg. The series is about a protagonist who is a crazy lovesick freak person is willing to go at any length for the person he desires to be with.

Unfortunately, the extremes of his attraction towards women are not appreciated, and the actions which led him to behave psycho pathologically. After giving two final hit seasons, people are super excited for YOU to season 3 to drop soon. Because of the unexpected and creepy situations in the previous season, fans are willing to discover more about it.

We do have some essential snippets of information regarding the much-awaited season three of YOU. The second season and first season revolve around the events in the life of Joe. Later in season two, he adopts an entirely different personality named Will and moves from New York to LA.

YOU Season 3: Release Date

Looking at the popularity of the series, YOU was very well evident. Sources told over 55 million people worldwide viewed that season two. Looking at this number and extended appreciation of season two, the official team immediately announced the confirmation of season 3 of YOU. After a long production delay due to a coronavirus outbreak, fans are delighted to learn that the psychological crime dram YOU will be back on Netflix by next year.

Earlier this year, in January, that season three of YOU will be renewed. Still, the shooting was unfortunately halted in March. Due to this, our fans might have to wait a little longer to unravel the dark fate of Joe Goldberg.

The release date might not be official, but the good news is that YOU season 3 in active development. To confirm the information, a teaser was released by the authorized account of YOU, which read “New year, New You. The show will be filmed in California with Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble remaining the showrunners for three of YOU.

To break the news of the upcoming season 3 of YOU, a picture was posted on Netflix’s official Twitter account. The image was Badgley in character role sporting a branded facemask of YOU. Since the production started earlier this year, hopefully, the remaining shoot will be over soon, depending upon the situation.

The show will return soon in 2021. In case fans need spoilers, they can refer to the book by Caroline Kepnes. The Netflix series is based, will be coming very soon, roughly estimated around April.

YOU Season 3: Cast

Netflix, after making its cheeky announcement regarding the comeback of the show, indeed confirms next season. Looking at the scenario at which season 2 ended, a lot needs to be unpacked. We expect the main cast to remain the same and hope for a few new faces for the story to take its turning point.

Most importantly, two officially confirmed characters are Badgley as Joe and Victoria Pedretti as Love regarding the casting. However, there will be additions to the show’s extended cast, and we will see Scott Speedman as Matthew. He is a successful CEO, uncommunicative father, and husband. His tendency to be withdrawn, reserved, and mysterious will add up to the storyline.

We are also expecting Shalita Grant, who plays a mean girl and is threatened by the presence of Love, who appears to be a ‘Momfluencer. Travis Van Winkle will play Cary and is seen as a charming and wealthy expert of self-optimization. There are other characters whose stories are yet to be discovered.

Some characters are still alive and might return to haunt Joe for his deeds. Ellie is living in Florida, and Will might return for revenge. Looking at Forty (James Scully) and Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), who were dead in the previous season, might not be seen on screen unless someone is hallucinating or through flashbacks.

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YOU Season 3: Plot

YOU center on Joe’s character, a creepy stalker who looks for new attachments in love life and hooks to them like a leech. The show deliberately leads its viewers to believe that Joe has killed Candace, his ex-girlfriend, which adds to his bizarre behavior.

In season one of YOU, Joe works at a bookstore and falls in love with the character of Beck. In the second season, Joe tries to run away from his dark past and pretends to escape reality by adopting altogether a new life, a unique personality to start afresh.

However, his past follows him. He returns as Will Bettelheim and is followed by his ex-girlfriend Candace who knows how he killed Beck and her best friend Peach Salinger in season one. The truth haunts Joe, and he later falls for Love, whom he thinks will help him turn into a new person away from evil. However, in a shocking turn of events, Love turns out to be another crack case which no better than Joe.

She kills Candace and Delilah, anyone who tries to harm Joe to save her relationship. Sounds familiar, right? Love is just a female replica of Joe in a women’s body. The expected plots of season three could help us understand how Joe will handle his mirror personality. Will he give in? Will he escape? Will he find another prey?

There have been many fan theories about what could happen in season 3 of YOU. In the last episode of season 2, we see Joe captivated by his neighbor; we might watch him obsess over a new female. While Love is pregnant with his child, it will be fascinati8n to see what will happen in season 3. Sources confirm that season 3 of you is already bonkers, so we ask fans to be prepared.

YOU Season 3: Crew and Latest Updates

The shooting for the remaining season resumed in November, and we shall see it make a comeback by 2021. A new season will call new faces. Three characters will be joining the famous cats of season three, Shalita Grant, Travis VanWinkle, and Scott Speedman.

The third season is expected to blow the minds of people with unexpected twists and turnovers. So expected the unforeseen and Get ready to experience the psychological thrill.

Last modified: November 20, 2020