Having a sound drainage system is an integral part of building design. It might seem like an insignificant part of the building’s construction, but you must decide on the type of drainage you want before construction. 

Besides, as a company owner or manager, the last thing you want is to have water destroy your property, especially if your company building is in a wet area. Trench drains are the most effective for solving surface drainage problems. 

Furthermore, for commercial establishments and companies, improper drainage of surface water is time-consuming and costly. If your company deals with chemicals and food or requires the use of cleaning agents, then you need to have a sound drainage system. This article will discuss why you need to install a trench drain system in your company. 

Trench Drain Systems

Trench drain systems are drainage systems that collect water and redirect it away from building structures. As a manager or company owner, if you want to solve any surface water problem, you need to install a trench drain.

Furthermore, trench drains can be found in areas where water tends to pool fast or high risk of flooding. They can be installed outside or inside your company building. Road construction companies need trench drains to remove excess surface water caused by heavy rainfall. 

Additionally, industrial/manufacturing companies use trench drains to remove liquid waste generated by the machines they use or water from heavy rain. 

Reasons Why You Need To Install a Trench Drain System:The Benefits

Most people don’t understand why installing trench drains in commercial establishments is essential. If you want to avoid damaging water problems in the future, you need to understand the crucial reasons why installing this drainage system is good. 

Furthermore, trench drain systems are relatively easy to install; most homeowners can install them freely; however, for commercial buildings, there might be a need for professionals. The following are some benefits of installing a trench drain system. 

It Protects The Value of Your Building

As the owner of a company or manager, it is your wish that your building remains in pristine shape; this isn’t possible if the building is constantly plagued with water problems or if molds are growing along the interior or exterior parts of the property due to excess water at the surface. 

Besides, trench drain systems improve the appearance of your commercial building by reducing the risk of structural damage due to waterlogging. Also, if your commercial property is continually plagued by flooding and water damages, buyers will be turned off when the property goes on the market for sale. 

Provides a Long Term Solution To Water Damages

Installing trench drain systems in your company will solve drainage problems long term. The amount of surface water that penetrates your commercial property is reduced drastically by trench drains. When water doesn’t penetrate your building, cracks and openings in the building’s foundation can be prevented. 

Besides, if you would like to prevent water from pooling around the surrounding areas of your property, then you need to install a trench drain system. When installing trench drains, you prevent water from collecting on non-porous surfaces. 

Additionally, trench drain systems are mainly developed to provide efficient surface drainage; this is so that the risk of flooding in a large area can be reduced. 

It Prevents Erosion

When you have a poor drainage system on commercial property, it is easy for fast-flowing water caused by heavy rainfall to create channels and ruts that will encourage more soil erosion when the subsequent rainfall occurs. Soil erosion that occurs over a long period causes damage to the building and its landscape. 

Moreover, proper installation and management of trench drain systems in your commercial building can help to reduce the amount of soil erosion around your property. Also, if your business is near lakes, oceans, and rivers where runoff is a problem, having a trench drain will control the rate at which soil erosion occurs around your building.

What Factors Affect The Type of Trench Drain System You Need To Install 

Trench drain systems can be used in various places to remove excess water. If you wish to protect your commercial property from water damage and erosion, you must install this drainage system. 

However, before you can even begin to install the trench drain, there are a few factors you have to consider to pick the right one for your business. 

The Flow Rate

The flow rate is how quickly and how much it can get rid of the water passing through it. Knowing the flow rate of the drain will show you how effective it can be

Local Regulations

It will help if you familiarize yourself with regulations that might limit your installation of the trench drain system. Being knowledgeable about the regulations in your region will help to prevent any future mishap. 

The Load Capacity

Before you can decide what type of trench drain system you want to install in your company, you need to determine what the load capacity of the drain is. Load capacity refers to the amount of weight a trench drain can withstand depending on its environment. 

For example, a trench drain installed in a spa wouldn’t hold much weight, unlike trench drains installed in construction companies, which have to handle the weight of heavy machinery. 

Drain Maintenance

Before installing any trench drain system in your company, you have to decide what type of maintenance the drain would require. Some trench drains are easy to maintain, while others need a professional’s touch.

Therefore, you will have to think about the type of maintenance the trench will need to stay in good condition. A trench drain will only last long if it is maintained very well. 

Get Started

Trench drains have been an integral part of the drainage system since ancient times. These drains are practical and highly versatile. They have been used vastly in homes and industrial settings to eliminate excess surface water. 

Besides, unlike traditional drains, trench drains don’t get clogged, so you won’t spend as much time getting rid of debris that might have accumulated over time. They are effortless to install and are cost-effective, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to install them if you don’t want to call a professional. 

Therefore, you need to install that trench drain system in your company. If you’re having issues making a decision, consider the reasons listed in this article on why you should install a trench drain system in your company.  


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