During the mid-70s and into the 80s BMX riding became a worldwide phenomenon. where once ‘Chopper’ style bicycles were every kid’s dream – now everyone on the block wanted to be part of the BMX craze. In the United States, one man’s dream played a huge part in launching the BMX in the popular imagination – and that man was Scot Breithaup, who had organized the first BMX race in Long Beach in 1972. SEBIKES are extremely popular and here is why. 

By 1977, Scott Enterprises had been born and not long thereafter the ‘PK Ripper’ set the standard for BMX bikes. It was to become one of the most legendary bikes in the BMX circuit and on the streets. Today, the company is still inspired by innovation – and an ever-growing lineup of bikes has now joined the BMX models to inspire the urban user, kids, competition BMX racers and freestylers.

SEBIKES are extremely popular and here is why

The SE Urban Series has set the standard for those who want mobility in the form of a bike that is fast and fun -and offers that no-frills experience that the urban user craves, including that now-iconic single speed model. With quality components like the ‘Freedom ThickSlick tires’, the butted top tube and down tube, alloy cranks and Cr-Mo seat tube this is quality and class in an urban mobility solution. Add the attraction of classic colors like black and blue and you have close on the perfect package.

Of course, SE Bikes has still stayed true to its roots with the Elite Race series. Featuring that super-stiff Floval (flat & oval) tubing it’s a masterpiece that has stood the test of time. And the variety, including the ‘Mini Ripper’ and the super cruising ‘Floval Flyer, there’s something for everyone.

These bikes can be personalized to suit everyone’s style with great decals, a variety of forks and handlebars, seats, wheels, and much, much more. This is a bike series that is as unique as every rider – but still boasts that hugely successful quality and the striking goods looks that have made this brand such an icon.

The same commitment to quality applies to the Freestyle Series which allows riders to express that individuality that is so much part of the SE Bike brand ethos.

Of course, you could always go Old School and enjoy those classic 70s creations – but recreated for those who want to be part of the Big Wheel movement. 

SE Bikes also allows riders to show their affection for a company that was and is at the forefront of the technology that made BMX’s what they are today. With sweatshirts, socks, hats and jerseys riders can enjoy style and functionality (and of course great looks).

If you want a bike that meets and exceeds the very highest of today’s technical standards and boasts parts that are ultra-high quality, then the products from SE Bikes are for you. But you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that you are part of a story that stretches back to the very beginning – and part of a new generation of individuals who are carving an innovative path towards the future.


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