Who Want to Buy a Used KIA Car

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Who Want to Buy a Used KIA Car? Here Are Some Best Tips For You

Are you looking for a used KIA car? KIA is one of the most popular car companies in Indonesia. This company has issued many top quality cars. KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage are cars with high sales in Indonesia. Even the latest KIA Picanto generation, the All KIA Picanto, is the best-selling KIA car in Indonesia.

The used KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage cars are still in demand today.  If you’re looking to purchase either of these two cars, we have some helpful tips for you.

Some Best Tips to Buy a Used KIA Car

Some Best Tips to Buy a Used KIA Car

  1. Checking the Car

One of the best tips that you have to know is checking the condition of the used car. You have to check it carefully. You don’t need to worry because checking the condition of this car is the right of the buyer. You can start checking the used KIA car from:

  • Interior and exterior design: Pay attention to every part of the car, whether there is a possibility that the parts of the car body have been replaced or not. You can also check the iinterior, such as doors, seats, hood, AC, radio, and all the buttons are functioning properly. Compare the parts of the used KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage cars with the conditions in the newest cars.
  • The engine: Although the designs of the used KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage cars are still good. You have to keep checking the performance. You have check the engine from engine connection area with the gearbox to make sure that there is no oil leaked out from one of the gaskets, and you must make sure that there is no oil leaking out from the engine body.
  • The odometer: Mileage is important because it indicates the age of the car. For under normal conditions, the average car mileage usually is 16,000-24,000 km each year, it depends on various factors. Buying a car over 10 years old with the slightest mileage is a bad choice. tips on buying a used car KIA Picanto or KIA Sportage
  1. Test Drive

Ask the car owner for permission to try to drive the car. This method is one of the best ways to check the feasibility of your prospective car. Drive with a variety of maneuvers, drive long distances and try driving at high speed. At low speed, take off the steering wheel to check whether the car is still good or not.

  1. Checking Vehicle Documents

The last tips that you have to know when buying a used car is to check the vehicle documents. The Completeness of vehicle documents is an important factor for you before buying a used car. These  documents will affect the price of the car. In other words, if the KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage that you are going to buy have complete vehicle documents, the price will be more expensive than when the vehicle documents is expired or incompleted.

Some documents that you should check are:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Ownership Documents
  • Ownership Manual (optional)
  • Invoice of the car (optional)
  1. Checking the Price

The last tips when you want to buy a used KIA car is to check prices. Before buying a KIA Picanto or KIA Sportage car, you must know the used price of those cars on the market. Then you can compare whether the price which is offered to you with the price on the market . You also have to compare the condition of the car with the price offered. After that, you can decide whether to buy the car or not.

Then how much is the price of a used KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage car? The prices of the two cars range between RM 49,888 – 59,888 (KIA Picanto) and RM 49,888 – 59,888 (KIA Sportage). But the price of this car depends on the KIA Picanto and KIA Sportage car variants that you want to buy.

Now, I hope you are more experienced than before looking over these good tips. I am sure you will be grateful for the time you spent searching and reading about this when you go further in the purchasing process of a used car.

Last modified: December 18, 2020