Who Is Casey Anthony?

Casey Marie Anthony, born on March 19, 1986, is the mother of Caylee Marie Anthony who was born on August 9, 2005. Caylee lived with her mother and maternal grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, in Orlando, Florida. On July 15, 2008, Caylee was reported missing after Cindy made a 911 call. According to Cindy, she has not seen her granddaughter for 31 days and that Casey’s vehicle had an unusual smell like there is a dead body in it.

Casey and Cindy gave different explanations about where Caylee was. Casey gave different statements and lied to detectives, claiming that Caylee was kidnapped by her nanny on June 9. According to her, she has been trying to find her daughter and decided not to alert the police due to fear. However, no one has seen this nanny. She also lied that she was working in Universal Studios but it was later discovered that she was fired a long time ago.

In October 2008, Casey Anthony was charged of first-degree murder but she pleaded not guilty.

About the Case

On December 11, 2008, the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were found in a trash bag in a wooded area in Orlando. The child was last seen five months ago in June and was only reported missing a month after. 

Due to inconsistencies of her statements, Casey Anthony was initially charged of first-degree murder. However, over the course of the case, the defense claimed that Caylee was not murdered by her mother but died due to accidental drowning.

Casey also accused her brother and father of sexually abusing her daughter. In the end, Casey Anthony was not found guilty of murdering her daughter. She served time in prison and was fined due to lying to police authorities.

The trial lasted for almost two months with the prosecution seeking the death penalty. It was alleged that Casey wanted to be free from parental responsibilities, causing her to murder own daughter by giving her chloroform and taping her with duct tape.

The defense team countered that the child accidentally drowned in the family’s swimming pool on June 16 and that George Anthony got rid of the body. According to the defense, Casey’s inconsistencies were caused by dysfunctional upbringing and that she was sexually abused by her father.

Casey Anthony was not charged of murder but was sent to prison for misdemeanor. She was released last July 17, 2011.

Where Is Casey Anthony Now?

Where Is Casey Anthony Now

Many are wondering what happened to Casey Anthony and where she is now. More than ten years ago, she was charged with murdering her own daughter. Although she was not convicted for the crime, many are still interested in what really happened.

Fast forward today, many are still curious about how Casey Anthony is living her life. Casey is now 32 years old and after her release, she went to Florida to live a lowkey life. She tries her best to stay away from the spotlight and just wants to live a normal life.

She now lives with Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator of her case and whom she now considers her friend. According to reports, she works for him as a researcher.

Apart from that, she started a photography business and made a Twitter page for it. However, she took it down in just a short time as people were more asking about the case and not the business itself.

She is also believed to be rebuilding her relationship with her family. She is said to be in contact with her mother. She did not reach out to her father at first but after he got into a vehicular accident, she reached out. Her father also said that he has already forgiven his daughter for all the things she had said and done.

Is She Dating Now?

If rumors are true, Casey Anthony is in a relationship with Antony Karagiannis, a single dad to his daughter. He is believed to be from Michigan originally and is in his late thirties. He works at a local bar. Based on the rumors, he does not care about Casey’s past, especially her criminal record.

It’s also believed that Casey wants to have a child again despite being afraid at first after losing Caylee. But now, it’s believed that she sees this as a blessing. However, her father is strongly against the idea.


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