Manitou Hire services

Written by: LIFESTYLE

What You Should Know Before You Engage Manitou Hire Services

Are you moving heavy equipment this weekend and considering what telehandler to use? Perhaps you have no idea where to start and want a headstart on how to go about Manitou Hire services?

You’re in luck! This piece has the answers. Here, you will find tips on how to get the best lifting results from the various Manitou telehandlers on the market.

We have itemised three sequential steps to guide you. Have a look!

3 Things You Should Know Before You Engage Manitou Hire Services

Do You Need A Telehandler To Start?

Before you contact hire services, you want to be sure you’re hiring the “right” machine. So, what do you need? Is it a forklift or a telehandler?

Will you be moving the equipment only forward and backwards or in varied directions? Do you prefer a lift that is perfect for indoor activities over outdoor?

If what you need is to move an item within a warehouse only back and forth, forklifts are perfect. That aside, telehandlers are the best and most flexible fit of the two options.

However, note that the decision making doesn’t stop at just choosing a Manitou telehandler. You also have to ask which kind meets your needs.

What Telehandler Should You Pick?

The bulk of the brainstorming you will do lies in this section. So, to start, consider the height and weight of the load you’re lifting.

Will the machine be working in tight spaces? How about the terrains? About the load, how heavy is it? More importantly, how high are you lifting the said item?

In all, note that whatever telehandler you pick must match your load for weight and height. Else, you risk injury and property damage.

That said, here is a straightforward guide to help you choose better from the various Manitou telehandlers on the market:

  • Manitou MT 420H Compact – can lift up to 2tonnes of weight to a max height of 4.2m (4280mm).
  • Manitou MLT 625, 75H Telehandler – can lift up to 2.5tonnes of weight to a max height of 6m.
  • Manitou MT 1030S Telehandler – can lift up to 3tonnes of weight to a max height of 10m.
  • Manitou MT 732 Telehandler – can lift up to 3.2tonnes of weight to a max height of 7m.

Alternative: Manitou MT 932; it can go even higher to 9m of the same weight.

  • Manitou MLT 845-120 Telehandler – can lift up to 4.5tonnes of weight to a max height of 8m. Etc.

There are other Manitou telehandlers than we have listed. So, in case we didn’t cover your weight and height requirements, you can scroll through the product range at Zone Group. There, you will even find a machine that can lift 35MT of weight to about 14m.

Ask For The Additional Services

Once you identify the machine that fits your requirements, you need to confirm the other services the hirer offers. For a start, will you need additional insurance? How about anti-sway protection?

Besides the basics, will you be driving the machine? Do you have the license to do so? Or does the hire service provider have drivers to help you?

Once you get answers to those questions, you are good to hire your Manitou telehandlers. We hope this piece has been helpful!