Imagine you are driving on the road on a sunny day just enjoying a nice ride when suddenly something comes hurtling into your windshield. You are lucky that it didn’t break but, now you have another problem, a cracked windshield.

Things like this are often avoidable. A branch or fruit can fall when you are driving. But, leaving a cracked windshield can be dangerous. So, what do you do when you have a cracked windshield?

Why Are Cracked Windshields Dangerous?

Most people don’t put too much thought on a cracked windshield. But windshield repair or, if it’s worse, windshield replacement should be a top priority.

Below are reasons why you need to get your windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Accidents become more dangerous.

Apart from protecting you from outside debris, your windshield also supports the overall structure of your car. So if ever you have a roll-over accident, the probability of it caving in increases because cracked windshields are weak. This makes accidents more dangerous as the chances of a serious injury and fatality also increase.


Can be distracting

Cracked glass can sometimes reflect light to your eyes which can be distracting when you drive. Plus, if a cop sees you, you will get a ticket. So, it is best to avoid that.

Makes cars unattractive

If you are trying to impress someone with your car, a cracked windshield will not do it. And if you are trying to sell it, expect low offers.

What to do with a cracked windshield

Now that you know how dangerously cracked windshields can be, below are a couple of methods you can try to stop and slow the cracks.

Apply Super Glue or Clear Nail Polish

Before you try to fix the crack, clean your windshield first with an auto glass cleaner and some paper towels. After that, you can apply super glue or clear nail polish to the crack. Let it dry. Then, put a clear packing tape on top of it to keep the dust from it until you can get it repaired.

Use a Windshield Repair Kit

You can buy windshield repair kits from your local hardware store. But they can be a little tricky to use, so read the instructions carefully. What you will likely do is bore small holes using a 1/16 inch drill into the top layer of the glass. Then insert the specialized resin from the windshield repair kit to said holes. So cracks stop forming. If you do this well enough, you might not need to get your windshield professionally repaired.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Change

When the temperature is hot, glass expands. And when it’s cold, it contracts. That is why if, for example, you direct your heating vent to your crack windshield in cold weather. The cracks will spread abruptly. So, it would be best to avoid that.

Another thing you can do is park your car in the shade. So, it does not heat up from the sun. Don’t use a defroster too until you have repaired your cracked windshield.

Schedule a Windshield Repair or Replacement

If your cracked windshield is too much for you to handle, it would be best for you to schedule a windshield replacement or repair. You may be able to repair tiny cracks, but leave it to the professionals when even a repair kit is not enough.


Your windshield is one of the essential parts of your car. That is why maintaining it is a must. If it does crack, repairing it should be one of your top priorities. So, follow the tips above to ensure that the cracks on your windshield will not worsen.


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