Moving home can be pretty exciting, but it is also stressful at the same time. There are a lot of things you need to do to ensure that your moving process will go smoothly. Hiring removalists to help you out with the process will surely ease a lot of burden from your shoulders. But even when you do so, there are still things you need to prepare.

So, before your removalists arrive, know what you need to do to ensure a streamlined process. Read the tips below to get started with your preparation.

Pack your items properly

If you are not going to include a packing service from your chosen moving company, it will be your responsibility to pack your items before your removalists arrive. Make sure to do this in advance.

You will need proper packing materials like sturdy boxes of different sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. You will also need some markers so you can label your boxes with their corresponding room in your new home. This way, you can easily identify which one belongs to which room and it will help speed up your unpacking process.

Create an inventory list and take pictures

For you to easily keep track of the things you are moving, you should create an inventory list. By the time you arrive at your new home and begin unpacking, you can easily tick an item off your inventory list. Easy to check if there’s anything missing from your belongings.

Taking pictures of your belongings like your expensive furniture and appliances can be helpful in case you discover any damage e upon delivery of your items. This will serve as proof to your removalists that the damage happened during the transit of your belongings.

What to do Before Home Removalist Arrive

Know what you cannot move

Keep in mind that there are things moving companies refuse to transport mostly for safety reasons. Some examples of these are hazardous chemicals like paint, gasoline, oxygen bottles. Your moving company will have a list of what items they refuse to move so make sure to ask about it.

Secure your valuable belongings

You should move with you your valuable items like pieces of jewellery, small electronics, laptops, credit cards, cash etc. Moving companies generally refuse to move these items as well. So, keep it in a secured box and separate it from other items your removalists will be moving.

Plan the parking

You should have a prepared plan of where the moving truck should park when removalists arrive. It is an important thing to do because it can affect the efficiency of the move. Clear your pathways and garage of any vehicle. If you are sharing it with a neighbour, make sure to inform them in advance and ask for their permission.

If you live in an apartment complex, you should advise your property manager about your moving day and ask what requirements are needed for you to get a parking spot for your removalists’ moving truck.

Clear the pathways inside your home

Before your removalists arrive, make sure to remove any obstacles in areas with heavy foot traffic. These are the doors, stairs and hallways. Put away your baby gates, rolled up rugs and any debris on the floor to avoid removalists from tripping while they are shifting your belongings especially those that are large and heavy.

It is also important to measure doors to see if your large items can fit through it. If not, you may need to disassemble parts of it, but only if it can be disassembled.

Keep your kids/pets out of the way

It’s unsafe for your small kids and pets to be running around your home on your moving day. They can cause a distraction to you while you are busy facilitating the move, or worse, cause an accident. So make sure to keep them away from all the chaos. Hire a baby/pet sitter or enlist a family member, relative or friend to watch over them while you are supervising the move.

Protect your home for the move

It is important to ensure the safety of your current home during the moving process. Cover your hardwood floors and carpets with tarps, old blankets or other protective coverings to ensure they won’t get damaged. You should also place heavy-duty rugs in the entrance of your home to keep so people can wipe their shoes every time they are inside your home.

Prepare some drinks and food

Lifting heavy boxes and furniture is hard work that requires lots of energy, so keep yourself and your removalists fueled on your moving day. Furniture removalists have busy schedules and they often don’t have time to grab some food to eat. Offer bottled waters and snacks like energy bars or sandwiches. This is also a way of you showing appreciation for their hard work.

In conclusion,  a successful moving experience doesn’t just depend on the moving company you will hire, but also on your preparedness and good planning. You can avoid a lot of issues, delays, accidents and misunderstanding when you have made your proper moving plans in advance.


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