Black stone countertops made of granite give an elegant and luxurious appearance because of their dark color with various variations. Most homeowners prefer black stone countertops because of their unique look.

In this guide, we will discuss the black stone countertop in detail to make it easy for you to decide whether they are best for you or not. To know which stone countertop is best for you, read the article on Caesarstone.

Are black stone countertops durable?

Black stone countertops are very durable and elegant. They are so sturdy that they can last for a lifetime, but you only need to take proper care of them.

Are black stone countertops perfect for modern kitchens?

Some homeowners think that black stone countertops may look gloomy and not best for their modern kitchens because of their dark color. But the fact is, black stone countertops can fit in any environment because of their variety of variations and designs. Black stone countertops are perfect for traditional and luxurious kitchens.

Black Stone Countertops

Types of black stone countertops

Black granite and black quartz are two commonly used and popular black stone countertops. In this guide, we will discuss black stone granite countertops. Granite countertops are more famous, widely used, and durable than other black stone countertops.

Types of black granite countertops

Black granite has gained popularity as one of the most popular black stone countertops. They are perfect for modern and classic interiors. In addition, black granite countertops are durable, stain-resistant, and have a low maintenance outlay that encourages homeowners to prefer black stone countertops over other countertops.

There are various varieties of black stone countertops. Below, we mentioned different types of black granite countertops to give you some idea of which black granite countertop is best for you. We divide granite countertops into two groups. One group has black granite countertops based on polishing, and the other group has black granite based on coloring.

Types of black granite countertops based on polishing

These types of black granite countertops go through the process of polishing to give them a shiny and luxurious look. There are two types of polished black stone countertop.

Honed black granite countertops

One type of polished granite countertops is the honed black granite. If you are looking for deep black countertops without a high polish finish, then a honed black countertop may be best for you.

Honed black granite countertops are less popular, but they are more expensive than polished black countertops because of their low supply. In addition, the porous surface of Honed black granite makes them difficult to maintain.

Polished black granite countertops

Polished black granite countertops are a popular choice for homeowners. Polished countertops require a lot of polishing that gives them a glossy mirror look. These countertops are easy to maintain because of their durable surface.

Types of black granite countertops based on color

Black granite countertops come in different shades like white, blue, green, and grey. Light shade colors make them unique, modern, and stylish. Below, we mention various types of black granite countertops based on colors.

Black Galaxy Granite Countertops

Black galaxy granite countertops are black with tiny gold and white specks. Galaxy granite is perfect for modern, luxury, and classic interiors. Black galaxy granite can contain various materials, but it is generally composed of quartz and feldspar.  Black galaxy granite countertops are heat and scratch-resistant because of their hardness and durability.

Black Pearl Countertops

Black pearl countertops have little spots of silver, brown, green, and gold. This black stone also has light grey shading on the surface that gives it a unique and glamorous look. Black pearl is also known as a silver pearl and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Impala Black Granite Countertops

Impala Black granite countertops have dark gray and black shades. Impala black countertops are durable and give a unique and gorgeous look if installed correctly by experts.

Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Absolute black countertops have a solid black color and tiny grey dots. It’s also known as Jet Black. This kind of countertop can fit in any environment.

Agatha Black Granite Countertops

Agatha Black countertops are one of the most gorgeous and popular black stone countertop options. It has featured white and light grey curving lines that give it an elegant and soft look.

Cambrian Black Granite Countertop

Cambrian Black granite countertops are modern and classic with rice-like grey flares. It has a unique look with a sheen polish surface.

Nero Mist Granite countertops

Nero Mist countertops are very dark, with slight white specks and lines that give them a unique look. Nero Mist granite comes in different variations.

Black Antique Granite countertops

Black Antique granite countertops are becoming popular because of their attractive look and durability. In addition, they are naturally dark, making them perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Cosmic Black Granite Countertops

The Cosmic Black granite countertop has luxury black surfaces with white and amber blotches. Cosmic black countertop has a natural crystal surface that makes it unique among other black stone countertops.

Porto Rosa Granite Countertops

The Porto Rosa countertop has a stunning dark surface with pink lines. Its unique patterns give countertops a beautiful look. Porto Rosa countertops are very durable and can last for years.

How to maintain the durability and shininess of black stone countertops?

We share top tips that can help you to maintain the shininess and durability of black stone countertops.

Cleaning countertop surface

If liquid or other sticky food items falls on your black stone countertop and remains on it for a longer time, it can be harmful to your countertop. Make sure to clean the countertop surface as soon as possible.

The use of abrasive tools and acidic substances can scratch or stain the countertop surface. Also, avoid using bleach to clean the countertop surface because it contains acids, alkalis, and other chemicals that can harm the countertop surface.

Placing hot pans

Placing hot material on the countertop surface can be harmful. Constantly put a trivet or hot pad under hot pans to maintain the durability and brightness of your countertop.

Avoid acidic items

Avoid placing acidic things like vinegar, citrus, soft drinks, perfume, and lotions on the countertop surface.

Avoid sharp tools

Although black stone granite countertops are tough and durable enough against sharp tools like knives, it’s best practice to avoid using sharp tools directly on the countertop.


We have sufficiently discussed the various types of black stone countertops and how they look. With the help of the information mentioned above, you can choose the best possible option for yourself.


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