Vocational Counseling

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What Is Vocational Counseling And Why Is It A Necessary Part Of A Sober House

Vocational  counseling is designed to develop and improve a person’s professional, personal and social skills. Vocational counselors work together with organizations, government offices, educational institutions and the work business to train people. Whether those people are suffering from drug addiction, mental disorder or any other challenging situation.

One such institution that utilizes the services of vocational counselors are sober houses. Vocational counselors at sober houses are there to help recovering addicts by preparing them for positions and progression in all walks of life.

But how is it done in a sober house? Here’s all you need to know about vocational counseling at sober house:

What Is Vocational Counseling?

Vocation is the professional occupation that people choose to make their living. Exploring your talent and then turning it into a business that helps you lead a respectable and financially secure life is always important. But the importance of such an occupation gets more important when you’re going through the challenging phase of addiction recovery. 

What Is Vocational Counseling

Addiction makes you feel tired and unworthy of a lot of things in life and that is why recovering addicts have a hard time pursuing a professional career. Vocational counselors help restore self-esteem of recovering addicts and help them identify their talents which can possibly be capitalized. Vocational counseling, otherwise called vocational recovery, is a program that prepares individuals with addiction problems and other physical and cognitive impairments for the work environment.

Advantages Of Vocational Counseling?

As indicated by the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics, 19.2 percent of the people that had addiction issues are employed after they have gone through a proper treatment.

For those with addiction problems, the advantages of vocational counseling are: 

  • Access to job training programs 
  • Chances to organize 
  • Access to employment mentors 
  • Occupation related help 
  • Financial Independence 
  • Confidence and self-esteem 
  • Social connection 
  • Proficient training

Here’s how vocational counseling is a necessary part of sober houses:

It Helps Restore Self-esteem

A lot of drug addicts often fall in the trap of addiction and drug abuse because of isolation. Being socially invalidated, they start doing drugs, which makes them feel even more unacceptable in the society.This vicious cycle of “doing drugs because you don’t feel worthy” and “not feeling worth because of drug use” takes away their confidence, self-esteem and dignity.

Vocational counselors help restore all this by helping people see that they’re unique individuals and that they’re capable of so much, if they give themselves a chance. 

It Helps With Respectable Earning

Vocational counselors at sober houses help people identify their talents and how best to use those talents to earn a respectable livelihood. When recovering addicts are able to pay their bills, they feel more in control of their life. This paradigm shifts takes them away from the remnants of drug addiction that they still might have.


The first way forward to healing is acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that you are still able to do wonderous things even if you went a little off track. That you are not your failures and mistakes. This self acceptance is instilled in recovering addicts by vocational counselors who help people see that they still have useful talents even if they think they don’t.

By identifying and working on their talents, people know and feel that they are an important part of the society and that they can still make a difference. 

All a person in a challenging situation needs is someone who believes in her/him. Sadly, a lot of people are deprived of that. That is why there are support groups and counseling to help you build healthy habits.

Vocational counseling helps people lead and be successful in a normal life which will help build their confidence and make them an important part of society once again.