Tyres are regarded as a vital component in a vehicle. It is why most professionals recommend checking them every week. The tires must not be over or underinflated. Instead, they must be at the recommended level that is mentioned in the owner’s manual. No matter how much you care for them, tyres have a fixed life.

One way to assess if the tires are near their end life is by looking at the tread depth. Imagine you own a Ford Escape. The next thing to do is have a look at your Ford Escape tires. If the depth is 2/32 or lower, replace them right away. It is better to replace the tires before they reach this point.


Buying New Tires

The next logical thing to do is buy new tires, right? After buying new Ford Escape tyres, the next step is to get them fitted from a workshop. That workshop is called a tire fitter shop. The person who removes the old tires and installs the new ones is called a tire fitter. A tire fitter specializes in the repair, maintenance, and replacement of tyres.

But this article is not for the consumer. The intended audience of this post is the people working in a tire fitter shop or their owners. There have been numerous cases where people ended up in an accident because the tyre was not fitted safely, and it came off while driving, causing an accident.

In such situations, the tire fitter is found liable for the accident and the expenses arising out from those accidents. A tire fitter can end up bankrupt or even in jail. If you want to avoid such situations, having a tyre fitters insurance is the best and only option. This type of insurance protects you from liability. The extent of the liability depends on the type of policy you have taken out.

The next logical thing to think about is how to save yourself from this liability.


Protecting Your Tire Fitters Business Against Liability

A tire fitter business can protect itself against liability by opting for insurance. Remember, a loose tire is not the only basis for a claim. There are plenty of other things which can go wrong. The customer’s car might get damaged while it is parked in your garage. It can be involved in an accident. It is better if we talk about the solutions rather than the problems.

Road risks insurance is what a tire fitters business needs to protect itself against liability. Within the road risks insurance, there are four subtypes:

  • Third-Party

If any person or property is injured due to the actions being undertaken inside your business premises, the third-party cover offers protection against their claims. Please note that this does not include damages to you or the vehicle.

  • Third-party, fire & theft

The same as above. However, if the vehicle in your possession is stolen or damaged as a result of fire, it offers protection against it.

  • Comprehensive

Includes everything above and also the damages if the car in your possession ends up in an accident.

  • Business

It includes all types of covers mentioned above. In addition to this, it offers cover for your business premises, stocks, and equipment.

Wrap Up

Tire fitters insurance is not mandatory, unlike car insurance. However, if you have it, you can protect yourself against all sorts of claims. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is protect your business interests and opt for protection.

No matter how skilled the workforce is or how secure the premises are, there’s always something that can go wrong. In such cases, having a tire fitters insurance with PitstopArabia will save you thousands or even millions of dollars in claims.


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