Pedestrian Accident Claims

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What is the Statute of Limitations on Pedestrian Accident Claims in Texas?

If you were injured as a pedestrian involved in a car accident, you have the right to file an insurance claim against the negligent party. Filing an insurance claim can help you obtain adequate financial compensation for your physical, emotional, and monetary damages.

While it is natural to focus on your recovery after such a terrible incident, it is worth remembering that the clock does not stop ticking. You have a fixed amount of time to file your lawsuit in a court of law. Ideally, you should start the process as soon as possible.

Although it is challenging to juggle a lawsuit with a tough recovery from physical and emotional trauma, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help protect your rights in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Your Right to Pursue Compensation

If you were involved in a car accident as a pedestrian walking on the road, you might be entitled to financial compensation. To obtain said compensation, it is essential to prove that the accident did not result from your negligence.

Luckily, most accidents where a vehicle hits a pedestrian result due to the negligent behavior of the driver. In rare cases, jaywalking or walking directly into oncoming traffic causes such accidents. It is essential to collect as much photographic and audio evidence as possible to build a strong legal case.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations refers to the deadline for filing any lawsuit. It can vary between different states in the United States and represents the time by which you must file your lawsuit in a court of law. If you fail to comply with this deadline, it results in an automatic dismissal of your right to file the particular lawsuit.

In many cases, victims of a pedestrian-car accident are not aware of their state’s statute of limitations regarding such cases. Although it might be viewed as legal minutiae, the fact remains that keeping the statute of limitations in mind for your lawsuit is extremely important.

According to pedestrian accident lawyers in Texas, the victims of any car accident, whether they are pedestrians, drivers, passengers, or cyclists, have a pre-defined limited of time for which they can file a lawsuit in a court of law. The clock for this statute of limitations starts ticking immediately after the accident, and every second counts.

In case your loved one lost his/her life in such a pedestrian-car accident, the clock starts ticking the moment of the departure of your loved one from the world. It might or might not coincide with the date and time of the accident.

Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

Any legal matter, without a doubt, is challenging for anyone who has never been through the ordeal before. The legal battle that ensues in the wake of an accident can often be difficult to navigate yourself, and it might become essential to consider hiring legal representation.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer for your case is essential to ensure that the rights of you and your loved ones are protected. A lawyer with experience in accidents involving pedestrians will help you obtain a fair amount of compensation for your damages resulting from the accident.

Last modified: March 16, 2021