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What is CQATest App On Android, FAQs, And Troubleshoot

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Wherever you go, you will see a smartphone in every hand. Smartphones are great to help. With hundreds of applications available at the tip of figures, you can do a lot of things. But the efficiency is what matters. With improved efficiency and speed, a brighter version is not too far.

For the general upkeep of your smartphone, there is an application called The CQATest App. More or less, it is a vague way to define CQATest App. There have been many questions revolving around this topic. Some know what CQATest App is while others are just making assumptions. Wouldn’t you like to know what CQATest App is? And why is it important?

What is CQATest App?

“CQA” stands for Certified Quality Auditor. Now, what does that mean exactly? In simple terms, it assesses the quality of your smartphone. CQATest App is a program that determines if your Android is of the highest quality or not. Android manufacturers often use to deliver the best products to customers.


People tend to be surprised when this app appears out of the blue on their smartphones. There is nothing to get worried about, as it is a hidden app. CQATest app just assesses the pros and shortcomings of your android version. Besides this, the CQATest app also diagnoses possible problems that your smartphone might be facing.

How did the CQATest app get on my phone?

The question that many have been asking is how did this app get on my phone. Of course, you did not download it, did you? Then how did it get on your phone? This sure has the potential to turn into a conspiracy theory, but the truth is far from it.

CQATest app is a pre-installed system app. It is installed on your device by developers. Since it is a system app, you won’t be able to disable or uninstall it in any way. That is probably for the best since it gives the app continuous access to your Android.

As mentioned earlier, the CQATest app is hidden. It might show up unexpectedly because of some system issues. But in case you wish to see the app, you can find it under ‘general apps’ or ‘app drawer’. ‘System’ menu is another place where you can find the CQATest app.

What is the true purpose of the CQATest App?

The CQATest app is used to determine the strength of your Android device. But what next? What is this information used for? Who uses this information?

The data collected by the CQATest app can be assessed by your smartphone developers. The purpose is strictly professional. It allows the developers to gather information on the current version of your Android. They use this information to make changes in upcoming Android versions and make it better. Besides this, CQATest App data can also be used to make changes in your current version of Android. The sole purpose is to give you better services with minimal harassment.

Can CQATest app access my personal information?

Your smartphone knows more about you than you can imagine. Your likes and dislikes are just the beginning. Many people store their banking details and other private information on their phones. This is why many Android customers are concerned about the activity of the CQATest app.

But there is nothing to be worried about, the CQATest app only gathers relevant information and spares personal details. Android developers are very much concerned about your privacy and safety, which is why they make sure that the CQATest app does not collect personal data.

FAQs and troubleshooting

  • How do I stop the CQATest App?

It is best if you let this app run in the background. But in case you want to stop this app there are some simple steps to follow. Click on ‘Apps’ from your device settings. Once you have located the CQATest app, click on ‘Clear Cache’. Reboot your device in the end and you are good to go.

  • Is the CQATest app going to harm my smartphone?

CQATest app is harmless in all terms. It is a background app whose only purpose is to assess the quality of your Android version. It also detects possible defects on your smartphone. It often shows up if your phone is facing any issues. So in some ways, it is an indicator of threat.

  • Why did the CQATest app appear on my phone?

CQATest app can appear on your phone for many reasons. But the simplest and commonest reason is that your phone is experiencing some system issues. The faster you resolve the issue, the better it is for your phone.

  • What are the common errors associated with the CQATest app?

The CQATest app is generally hidden. But it can show up if your phone is facing some problems. If there are some system issues on your device and the CQATest app appears, you are likely to experience the following:

    • The lock screen does not show up.
    • The home button does not work.
    • Recent apps don’t work.
    • You care unable to drag down the notification bar.
    • The camera does not open.
    • Incoming calls don’t show up.
  • Is CQATest app a bug?

No, the CQATest app is not a bug. It is a system analysis application available on your smartphone. It collects data regarding your Android version and transmits it to the developers. It allows developers to keep a track of their current Android version, make sure that it is of the highest order, and make improvements in the upcoming Android versions.

But don’t worry, it does not collect any personal data.

  • Do I need to do the factory data reset?

There is no need as such to attempt a factory reset. You can simply disable the device or clear cache. But if you want to remove the CQATest app, you can attempt a full factory reset. Make sure you back up your files before hitting the ‘Reset’ button.

  • How do I update my CQATest app?

As a user, you don’t need to update your CQATest app. When you purchase a smartphone, you get the latest version of the CQATest app built on your device.

Last modified: October 20, 2020