If you happen to be located around or in a remote area, where the infrastructure is not much developed then you would lack the variety of internet connections available. Among the few common internet connection options available is known to be dial-up and the other one is normally satellite.

Direction of Satellite

The satellite connection as the name suggests itself linked with satellites and is wireless. To be specific it is inclusive of three satellite dishes. The distribution of these satellite dishes is as follows, one of them is in the space, the other one is at the hub of those who provide internet service and the last one is attached to your house or office.

Along with these satellite dishes you need cables and a modem. The modem and the satellite dishes are linked via cables which run to and from one to another. The satellite should face the southern sky to get better signals and connectivity with the prime satellite.

After all, these cables are connected and both the modem and satellites are linked to each other, the ISP then sends out an internet signal to the satellite dish which was placed in space and then that dish relays the signal to the internet user requiring it.

This is a very swift and quick process and every time the user happens to make a request for download, loading a new page, send an email or search something, etc. the signal goes to the satellite dish which was placed in space and then to the hub of ISP. After the request has been completed it is then returned via space to first the dish used by the user and then to the user’s computer.

What direction should the satellite Dish face

How is Satellite Internet better than others?

The speed of satellite internet exceeds 150 Mbps. However, the speed varies according to the package user has decided for themselves. In certain internet plans, the satellite internet automatically tends to offer high download speeds but this can also happen in some areas. Even though at times the satellite internet is acting faster or at a high speed it doesn’t tend to seem like that because it has higher latency which restricts speed.

The satellite internet in comparison to dialup has more downloading speed and is faster in simple words but it all depends on the package. Keeping in mind that satellite doesn’t happen to compete with the downloading and uploading speed of other advanced technologies available but regardless of that, it happens to be the most reliable and flexible method of delivery.

The reason we call it reliable is that it doesn’t depend upon the infrastructure of hard wire which is necessary for DSL, fiber, and cable. Moreover, satellite providers have a quick solution when it comes to a problem. If you have cable such as Mediacom, it will take time for the Mediacom customer service to analyze the problem. Satellite customer service offers a quick solution to the problem as it is either the problem with your dish or the provider.

This is the reason why satellite internet happens to be easily available in so many areas of the world and other internet services can’t reach those.

Another major advantage of satellite internet is that it can easily deal with high bandwidth usage, which in simple words mean that no matter how many users are using at one time or during the peak hours there is an increase in the volume of users neither the quality nor the speed will be affected and the internet service would be the same for all the users based on their selected internet packages. To make lives easier a landline connection is not needed for a satellite internet service.

Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2021:

Some of the best options available in satellite internet service in the US happen to be Viasat which was also previously known as Exede and the other one being HughesNet. If we must choose one it will be Viasat because based on its speed it tops up around 100 Mbps and has a very large data cap which ranges around almost 300 GB making it the fastest internet service.

However, on the other hand, HughesNet happens to offer its customer a better price that starts from a range of $59.99 for a month but the issue is that they offer to speed up to 25Mbps only and also have a very small data cap especially when we compare it Viasat.

Many of the old satellite internet services closed and left these to be the only options available currently in the US. New satellite internet service providers such as Starlink are currently undergoing beta testing once they officially join the market users will have more options and these companies will have competition.


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