Currently there are a large number of brands and stores completely established on the internet, which allow online purchases of products of all kinds, in some cases at more accessible prices than in physical stores. Because of these companies, which launch offers, discounts and promotions, many consumers have become dedicated cyber consumers.

Analyze the product

Carefully analyze the product, from its physical characteristics – measurements, colors, materials and textures – to its own benefits. That is, memory capacity if it is a USB, type of sole if it is a running shoe or percentage of solar filter if it is sunglasses.

It is recommended that, in the case of furniture, mattresses or Chrome Hearts clothing, one identifies the product before in a store, to test them before buying

Look for references

Maybe you already know what product you want, but you still don’t know how it works, what quality it is or if it is the best for you. The best thing to do, in order not to receive something that does not have the attributes you expected, is to look for comments from other users who bought and tried the same products. If it is a technological device, there will be thousands of people commenting, comparing and analyzing the same products that you have chosen.

Confirm the shipping system

Before finalizing the purchase, make sure that there are shipments to your country, and confirm the shipping costs in international orders, in which the rate could significantly raise the final price. Sites like Comme Des Garcons have special rates and even free shipping depending on the amount of the purchase. Others do not charge for second shipments in case the buyer is not at home when the merchandise arrives.

Confirm the warranty

If the product you purchased does not meet what is specified, it is important that you have the opportunity to make a claim or return. Serious sites secure your transactions with buyer protection guarantees in case the seller defaults or there is a conflict with the shipment. If product specifications, conditions, or other details are unclear to you, contact the seller before purchasing.

Payment methods

If you are going to pay by credit or debit card, you should look for stores that use recognized and secure payment platforms, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you don’t like sharing your card details, check if you can pay through PayPal. If the seller allows cash on delivery, in good time, but make sure you have the exact money. A page with several payment methods is synonymous with seriousness.

Beware of phishing

It is called phishing to a criminal attempt to impersonate a company or reliable person to take the identity data of the user, such as passwords or password for your credit card to steal your money.

To avoid falling into a case of phishing, it is important to avoid responding when it comes to emails from unknown people and try not to enter or buy on pages that do not have the green lock next to the HTTPS address. They are not safe sites and they are probably trying to steal your data.

Buying online allows you to access thousands of offers from anywhere, but doing it safely will guarantee that the product you have chosen is what you were waiting for.


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