It is well known that investing in a new water heater is a huge expense. If you are planning for heater installation Tomball TX, then you have to remain informed and take the right decision.

Experts at Wrightway Comfort have shared a list of questions to ask before hiring a plumbing company or when installing the water heater in your residence. By reading and asking these ten questions, you can be sure about your purchase and also make sure that you are purchasing the right water heater.

Do I need to purchase a traditional water heater or tankless heater?

It is one of the common questions every buyer asks before buying or replacing the water heater. Remember, both the traditional and tankless water heater has its pros and cons and different kinds function better for people with unique tastes and preferences.

The water heater type you are purchasing should cater to your household type and entire family members. For example, if you are purchasing a house that has four members, it should hold sufficient water.

You can also choose tankless in this case. Discuss with your plumber about the energy conservation concerns, budget, and the number of individuals in your household. This way, they will consider all the factors and suggest an appropriate water heater.

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How to finalize the tank size?

When you discuss with companies offering top heater installation Tomball TX, they will explain about the various size tanks and types. The size of the heater tank depends on your family, business, home, etc. Many customers prefer to install a water heater for their residences and not for commercial premises. So, again to take this decision, you have to see how many people will be using the water heater in your home.

For example, if there are only two or three members in a house, then there is no need to buy and install heaters with a big tank. It is a complete waste of energy and money. Big tanks are recommended for families with five or more members. The water tank’s average size varies from twenty to fifty gallons. Ensure to ask your doubts and questions to your plumber as they will easily suggest a good heater for your budget and needs.

How long does a water heater installation take?

If you are hiring a certified plumbing company, they will perform water heater installation and heater repair in a quick time. They do not make any postponements or delays for small reasons. It is also best to hire a certified company as they mostly install in just three hours.

This is an approximate time frame where any individual with heater installation experience can perform without any issue. The professionals know the value of your time. When the water heater fails or requires complete installation, the experts do it without any hassle. They try to do the installation as fast as possible.

What are the best water heater brands to select?

No matter, which plumbing company you are obtaining services, you have to select the best brand that offers the top model with features you ask for. At present, several brands sell water heaters. It is necessary to research the positives and drawbacks of every model and then select the best one.

If you have finalized a particular brand, ensure to read reviews, and also ask your friends or relatives who are already using that brand. If they complain of issues, you should not shortlist that model. You can also the plumbing company but we suggest you not to depend on them. Do your share of research to purchase the best one.

Does the water heater come with a warranty?

Yes, the majority of top brands give warranty to their products and it is important to check the warranty before buying. When you have the warranty, you can use it for repair or replacement when the heater causes issues within a few years of purchasing. If the heater fails to function completely, there are chances for the company to give you a brand new system. Several brands provide about a five years warranty. However, it is important to check as it differs from one brand to another.


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