Are you curious about the different types of logos that exist?

If you are launching a company, you are likely thinking of how you will create your brand identity. The colors and logo you use for your brand make the first impression and will help your audience develop a connection with your brand.

If you think about the companies you shop from, you likely notice several types of logos are used for branding. The type of logo you use depends on a few factors, such as the industry you are in, the personality of your brand, and more.

If you are wondering what types of logos you can use for your business, here are several to consider.

Letterform Logos

The letterform is a popular type of logo to use. With this logo, you use a letterform that is a mnemonic device for your company name. A great example of a letterform logo is McDonald’s.

If you need a letterform logo for your business, consider using a logo creator online free.

Pictorial Mark Logos

The pictorial mark is a great logo to use for your business. With this logo, you use an icon or a graphic as your logo. A great example of a pictorial mark logo is Apple.

Logotypes Logos

Logotypes can make the best company logo because they are instantly recognizable. With this type of logo, you use the company name as the logo. A great example of a logotype is Google.

Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are great to use if your brand personality is serious and authoritative. With this logo, you use the company’s initials as the logo. A great example of a monogram is Louis Vuitton.

Mascot Logos

Mascots are seen in the marketing industry as the perfect logo for fun and interesting brands. With this type of logo, you use the company mascot as the logo.

The mascot you use can be an animal or a character. Two great examples of mascot logos are Reddit and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Emblem Logos

Emblems are often striking and impactful representations of your brand. With this type of logo, you use your company name or initials inside of a symbol, such as a badge, crest, or seal. A great example of an emblem logo is Ford Motor Company.

Combination Marks Logos

Combination marks are unique as they merge one or more logo types. With this type of logo, you can use a pictorial mark with an emblem, a mascot with a letterform, or more. A great example of a combination mark logo is Burger King.

These Are the Types of Logos That Exist Today

There are several types of logos you can use for your brand identity.

One of the most popular logos to use is a letterform logo. You should also consider a pictorial mark, logotype, and monogram logos. Depending on your business, you might also use mascot, emblem, or combination logos.

Choose one of these logos to successfully represent your brand.

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