Usually, brands try to use the opportunity of their presence in all sources to the maximum extent. However, what was once considered a basic marketing strategy has turned out to be frustrating in everyday life.

There are already so many different campaigns aimed at the same users that people are simply tired of ads for items that they absolutely do not need. And the companies still spend a lot of money on advertising for users who are not interested in the products of the brand.

That is why campaigns must take into account how does ad serving work and customize their ads, and such a tool as self service DSP (demand-side platform) provides the information they need to most accurately target a campaign. There are even more benefits to it.

Higher Access with Real-time Bidding

DSPs are inextricably linked to SSPs, marketplace-side RTB bidding platforms developed specifically to help properly manage adds:

  • Utilizing these tools together, advertisers set bids through all exchanges in real-time.
  • The ad placement is based on up-to-date information.
  • Ads appear on those sites that suit you the most.
  • You can access multiple traffic exchanges at once.

It follows from this that the ad appears in all niches that are related to the needed subject.


To begin with, most DSPs have monthly subscriptions, which means a fixed cost. You won’t have to worry about floating rates in this case.

Moreover, DSP prevents wasting money because it will not place ads anywhere. The system will decide which of them will be the most significant and useful. It means that your money will lead you directly to a positive result.

Advanced Targeting Techniques

The main criterion is the selection of the most effective showings, excluding random examples around the world. Due to the fact that not all spaces are equal, variations are possible, and advanced targeting, in this case, includes not only GEO but also behavior in the browser, etc. 

DSP will find your target audience through the chosen channels. What’s more, it can retarget your ads due to changing user behavior. And this happens quite often as users are affected by various factors.

Various Useful Tools

Creative management will not only allow you to check how your ad will be shown but also organize this process into one system.

Dayparting allows you to decide exactly when people will see your ad during the day, including the time of day settings.

At last, capping allows you to control the frequency and not overload users with the same ads at set intervals.

Amazing Statistics

DSP provides transparent statistics on any type of data, such as website traffic, pageview increase, pageview depth, and more. As data are updated constantly, you are working with only the latest information.

It will come in handy to help you quickly identify where your campaigns are gaining and where they are failing. Quick response and adjustment will help you get the best results.

DSP platforms can be used together with a white labeling software. They provide you with the much-needed organization and convenience of managing campaigns in a highly competitive and dynamic environment.


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