John Robinson, a deceased English puritan minister, once rightly asserted that “competition is a great thing and critically important in any industry. I respect the companies that build their brand through innovation/great product, packaging, sharp marketing and clever ideas.” It is true that every business owner needs a viable business idea, capital for the business and business strategy, but the place of packaging cannot be overlooked. Packaging, as well as other factors, are needed for business growth and sustainability.

Packaging is an important aspect of every business. To achieve good packaging, so many things are involved, they include: the use of quality materials, durability of packages, and also a good packaging design.  A good package design can turn a one-time buyer to a returning customer.

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Why should my product have a good package design?

Your package design is the face of your brand. How you present your brand is very crucial in driving sales of your product. Philip Morris succinctly captures the essence of a good design when he said that “in the absence of any other marketing messages, our packaging- comprising the trademark, out design, colour and information – is the sole communication of our brand essence.

Your package design suggests your personality and it helps your brand with similar products with other brands differentiate your products through the inclusion of your company’s name, logo, colour scheme, etc. present in a package design.A good package design tells an accurate story about your brand and it creates a lasting first impression.

The 3 factors that make a good packaging design

A good package design has the power of influencing people’s buying choices. To increase sales of your products through your package design, you should consider the following factors:

  • It must be appealing: a package design should be of high quality that easily draws the attention of people to it’s position. You should be intentional about the images, fonts, colour choice and other elements that you use for your design. Your design should be the brand’s identity. Your package should have a good visual impression.
  • Uniqueness: it must stand out from other similar products. Have a unique structure that will help to grab attention. Boxes with handles from Art of Packaging provide the uniqueness your brand needs. You should also be concerned about the constructional design of your packaging. Should it be made of foil, wood, plastic, or multi material design?
  • Sustainability: your package design should be highly functional and effective. It should be designed to be durable, it should be strong enough to not get damaged in transit. It is recommended you make use of recyclable materials.

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