Have you ever come across a term called ‘hip dips’? This term has become a popular buzzword on the internet. If we go by Google data, then you will come to know that the term’ hip dips’ or often called ‘violin hips’ have dragged much curiosity on the internet in the last month. These terms have become most searched terms too frequent around forty percent in comparison to the last year. 

Hip dips might seem a common or indefinite factor, but if you regularly flock on to articles related to fitness and health, then you must have come across the topic of hip dips, and if do not have much idea about it, then you are going to know today in this article. 

Know that you are not the only one that has been searching on this topic, there are many who also wants to know about hip dips and how to get rid of them. Plus, which are the exercises that would help in it. So why wait then, let’s get started with:

Hip dips: What do we understand by it?

Hip dips can be explained as conditions where there are deep notches appearing on the outside part of the person’s upper leg area, below your hip bone directly. It is natural to see the occurrences. The skin in this part of the body is attached to the big trochanter of the femur, which results in deep recessing. 

In human anatomy, the condition of hip dips is considered very usual. They vary in forms and proportions and are seen with a large hollow in some people. There is a possibility of improvement in the appearance of hip dips depending on the spreading of fats and muscle mass. 

What Are Hip Dips?

Factors behind the cause of hip dips

Overall, it has been seen that the cause of hip dips is heredity. A cosmetic medical expert calls it a natural body phenomenon. One of the main reasons for their cause is when the hip bone of the person exceeds the femur resulting in causing spoiling of fats and muscles from inside. 

Going by the personal opinion of a personal trainer at the gym center, he also terms the condition of hip dips as natural. The outer appearance of hip dips depends on the structure of your bones like the skeletal formation of one’s pelvis, hips-width, plus complete body fat and spreading of muscles. A similar pattern is followed by every part of the body.

Hip dips do not indicate obesity or not being active

While discussing upon the hip dips, one must not link it to the condition of not being active or filling up excess weight. According to a fitness expert, at present, many people have this belief that hip dips are an indicator of one’s healthy state. Even though the storage of fat in the area can make them beleive for sure, plus having a massive muscle mass can also give much identifiable appearance, minimized fat on the body area would not allow them to ignore , since they are connected to the structure of the bone, that cannot be changed.

Is it normal to have hip dips?

Hip dips do not represent the symptoms of a person health, whether he/she is fat or too thin, or maybe not well. They are a normal phenomenon, no matter whether you have excess body fat. One must be familiar with the fact that hip dips are part of your bone construction. There is a possibility in shaping up your body structure via rigorous training and also food, but it is not at all easy to bring changes to one’s bone set up. 

Any solution to remove hip dips from the body?

Like many wrong notions people have about other health issues, the same is for hip dips. Please do not have any misconception about their complete elimination from one’s body. One major solution to get rid of hip dips is to sweat out through physical work or exercise. This will certainly help in giving the results you desire. Losing one’s weight is also very helpful in reducing the appearance of stubborn hip dips. 

According to Ballet Fusion founder and dance instructor, Rhea Sheedy, if someone is feeling odd about hip dips appearance on his body, then he/she go for some exercises like lunges, Bulgarian split squats plus glute bridges. In case it is not possible for you to practice it daily, then you can at least or must force yourself to run and walk. 

The benefit of these natural exercises (running & walking) will help in shaping up your legs. And what easier can be done if instead of climbing elevators or taking lifts, better go for stair climbing. Believe it, this will work wonders on your abdomen and waist. Those who do not miss their daily routine of fitness and workout, do not have hip dips regularly. 

And do you know there is a specific term for hip dips for dancers, it is ‘dancer’s dents’? It is all due to their remarkable squeezing of buttocks, crippling,  and as usual, the labor invested in dancing rehearsals and onscreen performance. Well, we don’t guarantee you to have ideal ballerina buttocks, but you can make a difference by following some tips to tone down them. 

2 best exercises to tone down your buttocks

If you are serious about getting rid away from hip dips, then start consuming nutritious diets that are high in protein. But this alone will not go to help you out completely. Below are the 2 best exercises that would help you in your desired goal.

Cat-cow position: You have to lie down on the floor in this given position. Make sure your hands must directly lie under your shoulders, and knees under your hips. Take a deep breath, and pull your one-sided leg to an angle of 90-degree. Slowly return to the original position. Do repetitions at least 10 or 15 times. And then switch sides to continue with the same. 

Squats: Another best option to bring down stubborn hip dip, is doing squats. It is a wonderful exercise that helps in toning your buttocks and thighs. This exercise demands straight back and pointed toes forward. Holding a dumbbell while doing squats is a good idea. 

Be part of a fitness program. This will aid in working upon your muscle area and excess body fat burn. 


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