Wanted is an Australian drama series created by Richard Bell and Rebecca Gibney. It is a well-acted and well thought of written chase drama with many plot surprises and story twists. The story follows two strangers who were caught up in the middle of a deadly carjacking and ended up on the chase, running across the country by police.

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The two female strangers have no choice but to rely exclusively and entirely upon each other to survive. 

R&R Productions and Matchbox Pictures produced the series. It is distributed by Universal Media Studios International, originally released on the Seven Network. 

Its first premiere was in February of 2016 on the Australian Seven Network. The first season ended up with six episodes. 

The thrilling and exciting chase has captured many viewers’ attention because of its gritty and realistic feeling of two people trying to live while dealing with the uncertainties that fate has brought them. Many fans have related such experiences not necessarily because of what happened in the series but also in dealing with life. As the story advanced for three seasons, the characters Lola, Chelsea, Thelma, Louise, and the Fugitive, have grown in a hybrid relationship and evolve in its way. 

The three seasons have been aired and available on Netflix.

Wanted: Early Seasons

Before we step into the fourth season of the series, let us learn a little about the early seasons. 

The third season has brought the viewers to several locations in South Australia. This includes Adelaide Hills and Flinders Ranges. They also featured New Zealand, Sydney, Queensland, and Thailand, where the first two seasons have been filmed. These selective locations and details have contributed to the viewers’ feel of the environment. The production team and Gibney have given all praise to Australia for giving them warm hospitality during their stay and filming. 

The series was also awarded a nomination from the International Emmy for Best Drama Series and Graham Kenny Award for Most Popular New Talent. 

Some episodes were done extensively by cinematic director Jocelyn Moorhouse, that the visual was like Tarantino and Morricone. 

Wanted Season 4 Release Date

Wanted Season 4: Cast and Crew

Like many other series, it is unlikely to see that the main characters change. New names are brought in and introduced. This keeps the viewers guessing. The main characters and cast have also supported the story engaged. 

Its production crew composed of director Jennifer Leacey, Rob Sarkies, and Peter Templeman, have starred Geraldine Hakewill as Chelsea Babbage and Rebecca Gibney as Lola Buckley, the leading roles of the film. 

Other prominent roles and actors include Kate Box as Detective Maxine Middleton, Stephen Peacock as Detective Josh Levine, Nicholas Bell as Ray Stanton, Ryan Corr as Chris Murphett, Mirko Grillini as Terry Boke, Todd Levi as Erbert, Nicholas Hamilton, Anthony Phelan, Veronica Neave, Charles Cottier, Robyn Malcolm, Charles Cottier, and many others. 

Wanted Season 4: Plot

To understand what we can expect, should there be a fourth season of the series. Let’s go back a little bit to what happened in the previous seasons. 

It started when Lola and Chelsea, doing their usual routine, waiting at a small bus stop, witnessed a car crash, and two masked men killed the driver. Both were taken hostage by the assailant but managed to escape, only to find themselves in a much bigger problem. 

The duo must leave Australia, where the police are chasing them as they were seen as criminals. The real culprit behind the story is getting their money back. They also have several corrupt police officers to have their back. 

As a character, Lola is a much older woman who has her shady past, but it did not let her stop, and with her big heart has overwhelmed anything that has been dealt with in her life. Chelsea is a younger, compulsive, yet a balanced character in the series. Altogether, the story started on a much more familiar show based on media expectations. However, the story will take you on a journey with surprising twists that will keep you engaged. Louise and Thelma’s other characters, feel of the chase, combine different elements like classic hitman and bad guy chases. The script continues to develop, introducing antagonists along the way to sustain the flow of the story. 

All throughout the first and second seasons, the duo is constantly on the run from the police. In the third season, they went back home in the hope of extracting justice in their names, only to find trouble and the need to journey across Australia. 

Season 4 will most probably follow through where season 3 has ended. While we can expect the main plot of the story to keep it accurate to its origin, while at the same time, expecting new characters and antagonists. 

What makes it more exciting for viewers to expect is the choke-full of near misses, comic timing, and the struggle. We can anticipate the thrill in the next season, should there be any. 

Wanted Season 4: Release Date

Looking back at the second season release in June 2017 and the third season release in October 2018, the studio seems not to have any solid news about the fourth season franchise. Eager and excited fans are still in the hope of hearing news of another season. 

Should there be any news of an upcoming fourth season of Wanted now, and considering the crisis on the COVID-19 pandemic, the series premiere would be the fourth quarter of 2021.

Wanted Season 4: Movie Trailer 

Since there has not been any news or updates, if there would be a fourth season, there are no movie trailers for Wanted Season 4. 

You can still watch the series trailers of the first, second, and third season. 

You can also see fanmade trailers of season 4. These are thfans’houghts and ideas on what they are expecting, should there be a fourth season.


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