There has been a rise in people searching for new ways to design their interior either, for the first time or renovate their existing one. A big focus has been set on sustainability and reducing waste to save the environment, which will soon translate into the homes. The new year is already around the corner, and with that, we are beginning to see a lot of new design trends clashing with the existing ones.

Here are the top trends that are here to last.

Grandmillenial style

This trend brings back the various old chic to your house but with a modern style. The grand millennial style is basically the contemporary design working with different inherited pieces and second-hand vintage pieces and reclaimed furniture and introducing designs that are very modern when it comes to interior. Over the passing times, we have noticed that many foxed mirrors, tassels and tasseled lamps, wild floral prints, and similar design choices make a comeback.

Big, Bold plants

It is the forefront trend of the home interior design of 2020 and the upcoming years to come. A rubber tree, dragon tree, or any palm tree that steals your glance for a while are great statement pieces for any place of the house. Introducing plants and nature to your interior design is different from many other available plans and requires additional knowledge.

In the case of introducing big plants, you don’t solely rely on aesthetics. You have to first think about the plant’s maintenance and whether it will survive if you put it in a particular place, will it receive adequate sunlight if you put it in a specific area. These things will mostly necessitate the placement of the tree.

Top trends when designing a new interior

Painted Ceiling

In 2020 people began to focus much more on the ceiling area of the house. The fifth wall, they call it. Since 2019 people have been thinking of various ideas to incorporate on the ceiling. Given that most people are very aesthetic oriented, having a blank canvas such as the ceiling untouched seems to be a rather waste of artistic outlets.

Painting the ceiling, installing a ceiling fan or adding textures and abstract designs to it will surely be noticed. Anytime anything is different in the roof, our peripheral vision catches it and instantly makes us focus there, which is why having designed ceilings and adding paintings to it is a fantastic trend that’s here to stay.

In rooms that you want to feel intimate, I.E., the bedrooms, and dining spaces, you want to utilize the 10-30-60 method. You can continue the wall color or texture directly onto the ceiling and cover around 60 percent of the whole room.

For the 30 percent reaching close to the center, you want to add accent colors as a strong statement, and for the final 10 percent, you can add a vital visual element to it, popping the interest. If you have a ceiling fan occupying the middle section, use Ceiling Fan Light Kits to illuminate the fan, which will second as an accent light dimly lighting the area around it.

Multi-functional spaces

In 2020 more multi-functional space is being incorporated in the top interior designs. Why, you ask? Well, it’s more convenient, adds more space, and allows extra breathing room for you and your family. People have already adopted the idea that less is more and the rise of multi-functional spaces is a homage to that idea.

Multi-functional furniture is not intended for small spaces anymore. You can place it in your multi-functional spaces, like the kitchen space combined with the dining space and kids’ room combined with the playroom or an office that doubles as a guest room.


Designers always look at different things and places for inspiration. This inspiration comes from the skies with excellent results. Imagine sophisticated astronomical designs with galaxy murals and star-strewn plates and galactic surfaces with cosmic tiles. These elements can be applied subtly around the walls and then finalized with a statement piece hinting at the night sky and its stars.


One of the factors that we have focused on heavily in this article is compatibility. Most of the trends that we have listed are highly compatible with one another. You can easily get away, mixing two or three of the trends, and the results so far have been, more often than not, phenomenal. The idea is not to over-commit to one thing; instead, diversifying and making things work in tandem.


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