Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful and popular backend web application development as it is convenient compared to other available frameworks. Moreover, Ruby as a programming language has become more popular after the increasing demand for the Ruby on Rails framework. Rails have become the preferred choice for web application development as it offers rapid app development and helps develop high-traffic handling websites and user-driven web apps.

For successful web application development, you just need to have Ruby on Rails IDE for the product development based on the Ruby on Rails framework. You can find a variety of IDEs that are available for free of cost, and some of them are paid too. This blog will help you understand more about IDEs and top Ruby on Rails IDEs and Editors that can be used for scalable web development.

What Is An IDE?

IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) is a software tool mainly used to increase developers’ productivity and offers components parallelly to improve the user interface. An IDEs have a source code editor, inbuilt automation tools, and debugger to serve a wide variety of services in web app development.

The common difference between IDE filled with features and other software development tools is that the code editor is not defined. Sometimes for the development of GUI ( graphical user interface ), various tools and version control systems are used.

Top Ruby on Rails IDEs And Editors To Use For Web Development

After having a general understanding of Ruby on Rails and IDEs from the above section of the blog post, let’s dig into to know more about the top Ruby on Rails IDEs and Editors to consider for web application development.

RubyMine IDE

RubyMine IDE is an IDE that is filled with top-quality features and was developed by JetBrains. JetBrain is an organization that develops tools for developers to have an easy and convenient development process. Product owners should consider to hire Ruby on Rails developer for rich, user-friendly app development.

RubyMine IDE provides full support to multiple languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, Saas, CSS, ERB, CoffeeScript, and many more. In addition, it is straightforward to use and offers high readability and logical code. However, one thing to consider is that RubyMine IDE is not open source, and to use this IDE, you are required to pay a fee.

Additional Features To Consider

  • It is compatible with providing formatting suggestions, syntax, and error highlighting. Moreover, it integrates with version control systems.

VIM Editor

VIM is an open-source Ruby on Rails text editor, highly preferred by developers who don’t want to use a mouse for quick coding. VIM editor is full of features, which is why Facebook has also used it in the earlier stage of its product development. The Editor falls under GPL ( General Public License ) license, which makes it a free-to-use software tool.

Key Advantages

  • VIM Editor in Ruby IDE suits the best in Linux operating systems for rapid app development.
  • VIM is a keyboard-based Editor that avoids mouse usage and increases the development speed.

Atom Editor

Atom Editor is an open source IDE with extreme customization compatibility and simply the code for rapid web app development. In the initial stage, Atom Editor used to come under Github, but now it has become a subsidiary of Microsoft. It is highly preferred as it offers excellent productivity without every time affecting the configuration file. Moreover, Atom Editor supports several programming languages, including Ruby.

Few Additional Benefits

  • It is merged with Github and Git for version control.
  • It has an automated process to find and replace characteristics easily.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is one of the most preferred IDEs that allows dynamic web application development. As it is an open-source IDE, it offers smooth integration with Rails. Aptana Studio is considered the best available IDEs for Ruby on Rails as it has RadRails, an external plugin. RadRails has high-tech features to smooth the application development, especially for database-driven applications. Business owners can hire Software development company to have smooth and scalable web app development.

Aptana Studio consistently offers support to programming languages other than Ruby. The list includes JavaScript, CSS, PHP, AJAX, and many others.

Key Features

  • Aptana Studio represents code in Tree-structure that makes it easier to understand and offers high readability.
  • It can quickly test variables, control execution, and breakpoints.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most customizable, high-performing, and lightweight code editors that suits best for Ruby on Rails web app development. Sublime Text is one of the most common editors as it offers an excellent user interface, the capability to use additional plugins, and high performance, making it a fully featured IDE.


Cloud9 is a Ruby code editor, and one of the most powerful that allows to host the development settings of RoR. It is compatible with almost all the available programming languages, including Ruby.

It has become more popular when the top organizations have started using it in their product development. The list of companies includes Mailchimp, Mozilla, Heroku, Soundcloud, and many others.

Cloud9 provides all the required features in Ruby on Rails web app development, including file manager, text editors, etc.

Key Features

  • Cloud9 provides a customizable editor based on a browser that can simply run, debug, and write your web application. It also allows you to select the editor.


Emacs is an excellent code editor for Ruby on Rails. It allows you to customize your web application requirements. Rubocop-emacs, rvm, and chruby are a few packages that Emacs offers.


  • Emacs permits appearance customization using Emacs Lisp or GUI ( Graphical User Interface ).
  • Emacs streamline the Ruby mode for Ruby on Rails application development.

Key TakeAway

The above blog post has all the required information that business owners should know to succeed in the following product development. Above mentioned Ruby on Rails IDEs and Editors have unique features that can be helpful in web application development. Therefore, choosing an appropriate one will depend on your business and product requirements. However, one thing is sure product owners should hire the best Ruby on Rails app development company available in the market for scalable, cost-effective, and secure web app development.

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