Executive Management Skills

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Top Executive Management Skills Recruiters Look For

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Managers looking to get into higher ranks need to have and show special and unique leadership skills and capabilities. If you are looking to advance in your career, or are even at the stage of looking for better opportunities, here are some of the skills your recruiters would be looking for;

Senior Leadership Capabilities

This is the most important skill your employer would be checking when promoting you to a higher rank or advanced position. Leadership is not all about making commands and telling your juniors what they need to do. It is also about encouraging, motivation, and making things run smoothly in the workplace. 

Organizations look for leaders who learn from past experiences, make decisions, take on challenges, and work even under pressure and uncertainty. Also, understand that there would always be room for improvement. No one or nothing is perfect. Always think about your past leadership roles, what you perfectly did, and what you wish and can advance on and do better.

Management Skills Recruiters Look For

Communication Skills And Presentation Capabilities

Communication skills are just about one of the most important factors in every organization, even more for leaders. Without proper communication, it will be hard to run any workplace. If you are looking to get into a higher office, you need to be able to communicate with every other employee in every level of the organization.

Some of the communication and presentation skills every leader of an organization should have include persuasion, influence, and others as such. Best ways to improve communication skills includes observing the leaders you aspire to be like, conversing and discussing with colleagues and getting feedback from them, or you can take it a notch higher to enrolling in a communication skills class.

Change Management

Change management is one of the skills rising in demand so fast. This refers to the capability to recognize and identify opportunities and chances for change. Then, lead the organization or the company towards executing the change and the new path. While this is one of the most overlooked skill sets, it is a unique and distinguished skill that would increase your chances of getting the promotion or securing the position.

Decision Maker

A big part of being a leader is the ability to make the right and effective decision every time there is a need. And that is what organizations are looking for; decision makers. You have to be able to make quick and informed decisions even during uncertainties. 

Employee Development

Good leaders and managers are not only focused on developing their own careers and jobs. Building their employees and strengthening their team to build their organization is also their responsibility. You need to spot opportunities for growth amongst your team members.  

Time Management

A good leader needs to be able to prioritize tasks and manage time, avoid procrastination. And get things done. This should enable you to minimize destructions and maximize productivity. You should also be able to train your team members on time management and entrust them with projects without having to manage too much.

Problem Solving

Just like decision making, as a leader you should be a problem solver. You must have the basic understanding and framework of problem solving. Some of the approach to solving organizational problems includes; 

  • Being proactive and able to find new problems, instead of waiting to see if there would be any errors and mistakes.
  • You should also be able to define the problems clearly, provide an effective solution for it.
  • Oversee that the solutions kept in place are being executed, adjust according to needs, and solve the problems. 
Last modified: May 2, 2021