A cosmetology expert provides professional skin, hair, and nails treatments. They work with clients to ensure that they get the best quality service for their beauty needs. In the U.S., beauty experts, estheticians, and therapists start by enrolling in a cosmetology program and getting their license.

But the road to becoming an expert does not end in completing this course. Let’s find out more about the best ways to be steps closer to becoming a true expert in the field of beauty.

Study From a Good Cosmetology School

Good Cosmetology School

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetologists, barbers, and hairstylists have a 19% increase in employment from 2020 to 2030. The employment rate is much higher than in most industries.

All states require cosmetologists to secure a license before they can practice their profession. To qualify for a cosmetology license, a candidate must complete a cosmetology or barber course. This must be from a state-approved school or training center. 

Afterward, they need to pass a state exam to get their license. If you live in Florida or plan to practice cosmetology in this state, you need to get a Florida cosmetology license before working.

A cosmetology course is a short but meaningful course. It is where an aspiring beautician or esthetician learn different beauty techniques, including

  • Haircutting and styling
  • Hair color
  • Hair straightening, perming, and other chemical procedures
  • Hair extensions, braiding, and installing wigs
  • Makeup application
  • Skincare services like facials, dermabrasion, chemical peels, face spa, etc.
  • Hair removal techniques such as waxing, sugaring, tweezing, and using hair removal products.
  • Nail care, manicures, and pedicures, foot spa treatments

To pass a cosmetology course, a student will need to return-demonstrate these techniques. Passing a written exam is also part of the course. Usually, a cosmetology course takes 40 weeks to complete with required training of up to 1600 hours. A diploma or certificate awaits students who pass the course.

Get Extra Training

Get Extra Training

After graduating and securing a license, you can further improve your skills and knowledge in cosmetology. If you wish to learn more about skincare, like anti-aging treatments, you can take special courses to expand your knowledge.

There is also training for hair care, about various hair treatments like coloring, styling, and hair growth. Some studios and skincare and makeup brands also offer extra training on different makeup styles.

It’s best to get more training from licensed schools and training centers. These schools will give you the edge with safe and updated beauty techniques. 

You may also earn free cosmetologist practice tests online. For candidates from Florida, you can take a practice test for the Florida esthetician license test online.

Get to Know New Cosmetology Techniques

New Cosmetology Techniques

New techniques are getting more attention aside from traditional beauty strategies to hair care, skincare, and nail care. To become an all-around beauty expert, you must know the recent trends.

A list of beauty trends for 2021 from Editorialist includes the following.

  • At-home beauty products such as masks and peels
  • Scalp care for more beautiful and healthy hair
  • The use of natural skincare products and natural skincare routine
  • Microbiome skin health
  • Biotech beauty products
  • Timeless skincare

Do your research and start learning about these trends. Check out the safety and effectiveness of these techniques. Get to know people who are currently using these trends and follow their journeys. Apply these techniques in your line of work.

Check Out New Products

Check Out New Products

Aside from various new cosmetology techniques, get to know emerging new products. Find out if your customers can enjoy these new products.

Face moisturizers are trending skincare products as dryness and irritation are common. These are due to pollution, temperature extremes, and stress. New moisturizers offer better penetrability and added anti-aging and sunscreen features.

And as you learn about these new product trends, find out if these will work best with your skin and your clients’ as well.

Learn From the Experts

Learn From the Experts

Experts also learn from the experts. Follow what the experts in your field of cosmetology are working on and learn from their techniques. Nowadays, it’s easy to find out what top-ranking beauty experts are doing through social media.

If you wish to become an expert in hair care and hairstyling, follow icons like Paul Mitchell. According to his official Facebook page, Paul and his group are into sustainable hair care products. Paul Mitchell’s hair care products are sustainable with beeswax, tea tree hemp, wild ginger, and more.

If you’re into skincare, check out Estee Lauder’s social media pages. At the moment, Estee Lauder hydrating lipsticks, youth creams, night repair serums, and other anti-aging products are a hit.

Focus on Your Clients

Focus on Your Clients

A beauty expert knows what her clients want and need. Learn about these by focusing on your clients’ preferences, what they are looking for. Consider the reasons why they come to you for skin or hair care help.

  • What are the common skincare conditions your customers are consulting?
  • What trends in hairstyle are your customers asking for?
  • What nail care and hair care services are your clients looking for?
  • Are your clients open to suggestions? Do they accept recommendations and advice?

As you learn more about your clients, you’ll soon become an expert in handling specific services. You’ll also improve your professional skills and deal with different kinds of customers.

Experience Matters

Experience Matters

You can’t become an expert overnight. It takes years of hard work, patience, research, and practice. And why become an expert in one field of cosmetology? Build your beauty portfolio and become a jack of all trades!

Be open to new techniques and grab the opportunity to learn new things. Take every client, every customer as a learning experience. Make sure that you provide the best service to make your clients happy and content.

You can start by asking your clients if they like your service. Ask permission if they can rate your service or if you can take a photo for your shop or personal social media page. Little by little, you can grow your experience and learn from your clients. 


To become an expert cosmetologist, you need to study and pass a cosmetology course and pass a licensure exam. You must also get extra training, be aware of new trends and products, and learn from the experts in the industry. 

It would also help to consider your client’s needs and to grow your experience. Stay focused and open your mind and heart to new learnings and experiences to become a true expert.


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