If you are in Chicago, you know what it’s like to live at the epicenter of digital revolution and smart growth. And what’s at the forefront of these dynamic transformations? SaaS programs and mobile applications! Not only technological change, but these IT solutions have also proved to be one of the most lucrative business ventures of the era.

So, if you too are up for starting a sustainable and scalable business while investing in mobile app development in Chicago, here are our 10 unique ideas you can choose from.

1.    Game Apps

No matter what, smartphone users will never stop playing games. All the more so because of the growing trend of cloud gaming where users don’t need any gaming devices or downloads but a steady internet connection.

So, here are our top game app ideas for 2022:

  • Play to earn games like Axie Infinity
  • Business coaching games like Business Empire
  • Medical games like Valley General Hospital
  • Real time strategy games like Starcraft
  • Cloud games like Counterstrike

All you have to do is interview and hire a mobile game development service in USA or maybe in your locality i.e., Chicago, decide project milestones and timelines and see your game idea turning into a successful digital reality.

2.    Healthcare apps

Healthcare apps cover a range of mobile applications and programs that help users monitor and manage their health conditions. These can be chatbots, AI companions, pill reminders, digital diaries and so on.

Here are our top 5 healthcare app development ideas for 2022:

  • Fitness and workout apps like AMJ Workplace Wellness
  • Mental wellbeing apps like Calm
  • Adult health journal like Reflectly
  • AI chatbots like Wysa
  • Condition diagnosis apps like Aysa

These healthcare apps need careful consideration during design and development of their UI and UX. But once developed and launched for users in the market, they can actually bridge the demand and supply gap between healthcare services and prove to be scalable and sustainable for their investors.

3.    Blockchain apps

As the name suggests, these are applications that use blockchain in their distributed backend architecture. While blockchain can be used to secure the architecture of any application or software program, they have their greatest applications in fintech products.

Here are top blockchain app ideas:

  • Decentralized apps like Uniswap
  • NFT marketplaces like Open Sea and Rarible
  • Decentralized finance apps like Dexes
  • Crypto trading platforms like Aave
  • Real Estate apps with blockchain smart contracts

If you put enough time and energy into research and competitor analysis, you will realize there are endless possibilities with blockchain. The market is still hot and has a lot of space for new ideas. Developers can actually yield the benefits of early adoption in this market.

4.    AR and VR apps

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been in the technology market for some time now, but because of their expansive nature, the world somehow has a lot of more space for new recombinant innovations with these techs.

Here are our top recommendations for AR and VR apps:

  • AR game like Pokémon Go and Zombies, Run
  • VR Game like Beat Saber
  • AR application with fitness monitors
  • VR education apps like AnatomYou
  • VR tour apps like Wander

AR and VR have advanced to a whole new level and formed Immersive Mixed Reality and Extended Reality. So, in future, we may expect to witness mobile apps that work on these technologies too.

5.    Smart home apps

Smart systems work on Internet of Things. The systems and devices are integrated with each other through a central hub for remote control of functions and features. because smart home automation is gaining traction more than ever, this is one of the most profitable app development categories of 2022.

Here are top smart home app development ideas:

  • Smart home manager apps
  • Smart pet care apps
  • Smart child care apps
  • Smart alarm and lock management apps
  • Smart camera monitoring apps
  • Smart lightning and temperature control apps

You can choose to launch a single-purpose smart app or a multi-purpose smart home automation program. Make sure to test your application strictly for data security and navigation. That’s because smart home apps store a lot of personal data like WiFi codes and home addresses, data retention and privacy are actual legit concerns.

6.    Entrepreneur Apps

Profit and success are in the name of entrepreneurial apps – since these apps are designed and developed for users who themselves are thriving to succeed in their ventures.

Here are top 5 entrepreneur app ideas

  • Apps for small businesses like FreshBooks and Square
  • Accounting and book keeping apps like QuickBooks
  • Productivity and task management apps like Trello and Monday
  • Communication and doc storage apps like Google Suite
  • Lead Generation apps like Lusha and Enterprise League

While most of these apps look like they are for small businesses and for employees, companies are actually using these apps organization-wide to boost the productivity and performance of their teams.

7.    Machine Learning Apps

Machine Learning is a subset of the wide Artificial Intelligence domain in which computers learn to perform tasks typically performed by human beings. The technology is trending and is being used in all business sectors.

Here are top ideas for developing an app with machine learning

  • Real estate apps with personalized property listings like Zillow
  • Image recognition app like Calorie Mama AI
  • Voice Recognition
  • Chatbots like Alexa
  • Job search apps like Indeed

You can further niche down and apply an extension of machine learning in your apps – deep learning algorithms. These ML models can be applied in almost every app now and used to send out personalized recommendations and push notifications.

Wrapping Up…

App development is a rewarding business, but only with a great idea and its right execution. A great idea is a combination of innovation and scalability, while right execution requires the right team, error-free development and time management.


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