Tips For Moving Into Your First Apartment

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Tips For Moving Into Your First Apartment – What You Need To Know!

If you’re moving into your first apartment, chances are you are feeling bombarded by a wave of different emotions.  You might be a little nervous or scared or you might just be downright excited to get into your new (and first) place on your own.

Whatever the feelings you have, you will need to keep some simple tips in mind.  Living on your own might not be easy at first, but there are things you can do to help yourself settle in in good spirits and an optimistic outlook.

In this post, we will go over some tips for moving into your first apartment.  Let’s get right to it!

5 Important Tips For First-Time Movers

TIP 1: Hire the right movers.

It all starts with the movers you hire for your apartment move.  Choosing a residential mover that specializes in apartment moving services is key to a pleasant and seamless relocation experience.  Apartment movers Greenville is a great choice if you are moving somewhere locally in South Carolina.  However, there are many specialists to choose from and your options are limitless.

Here are some tips for finding the right moving company:

  • Get more than one quote
  • Speak to someone on the phone
  • Read the fine print in any paperwork before signing
  • Read reviews
  • Find a mover that specializes in apartment moving services

TIP 2: Update important information

Tip #2 might seem like an obvious one.  But you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to update their important information.  When you move, your bills will keep going to your old address.  You will need to make sure you make the appropriate changes so that you aren’t stuck with any last minute problems.

Here are a few tips for updating important info:

  • Update your address at the post office or online
  • Call your credit cards to update billing information
  • Update insurance policy
  • Change utilities so that you don’t arrive at your new apartment with no lights!

TIP 3: Get the basics

Making sure you have the basics prior to arriving in your home is crucial.  Many first-time apartment movers don’t realize the basic necessities that are needed to function well in an apartment.  Things like paper towels, toilet paper, trash cans, and shower curtains can often get overlooked but are very much needed. Make a list before you move and be sure to have all things for your first week in your new space.

Some of the basics you shouldn’t forget include:

  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Linens and bedding
  • Mattress and pillows
  • Garbage cans and trash bags
  • Shower curtains
  • Bedroom curtains

TIP 4: Find local services

The importance of local services you will use frequently can often get overlooked when moving into your first apartment.  Finding local services often just requires that you type in a service with the words “near me” in the search criteria.  From there, a list of local businesses near you should populate.

As an example, you might want to find some local supermarkets, take out for your first few nights, or even laundry services so you are set with clean clothes for your first week or so.  Just search for laundry services near me in order to find some great local services to help you get settled into your new place.

Some local services to check out:

  • Takeout and food delivery nearby
  • Laundry services and laundromat
  • Fitness center
  • Community center
  • Retail stores
  • Religious places
  • Supermarket

TIP 5: Explore the neighborhood

Now you might as well have some fun and explore the neighborhood you will be living in.  Once you are all moved and settled in, take a walk through town and see what sites are in your city.  You can explore restaurants and museums nearby.  Additionally, you can go to the bar and meet some locals in your town.

Exploring the neighborhood is a great way to feel connected to your new city.  It is an important part of your apartment move because you don’t want to move into your new place and feel like you don’t belong.

So make a day of it and go meet some people around town.  Get to know your new community and you’ll notice that you will have an even better experience.

Some things to check out:

  • City center
  • Local restaurants
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Parks
  • Community center and/or community activities
  • Stores

Final Words

We know that moving into your first apartment can often be a bit stressful.  With all of the excitement and what if’s, there’s a lot for you to know!  However, with this simple guide you should have an easy and pleasant apartment moving experience.  You’ll arrive at your new home and feel happy and well-adjusted in no time at all!

Good luck on your apartment move and we wish you all the best!

Last modified: June 5, 2020