Movers Expect Of You


Things That Movers Expect Of You

Nearly all professions in the world involve regular interactions between human beings. Be it your clients, fellow workmates, or service providers, you probably have some things that you’d want them to know that would result in a more efficient and smooth interaction.

The same applies when it’s time to move and you need to hire movers. To bring you to speed, below are a few things movers Mt Juliet, TN would want you to know, and that will result to smooth operations on moving day.

Things That Movers Expect Of You

  • Pack Your Stuff Before Moving Date

 Movers pack your stuff only when you have paid for a full-service. If you opt not to pay the additional packing charges, ensure that you have done proper packing before the actual day. It makes their work easier if they find everything prepped to be loaded on the moving truck. It would mean a lot of wasted time if they were to wait for packing to be finished. 

  • Allow the Movers to Do Their Work

The best way you can assist movers is by letting them do their work. You might be thinking that you know how to do everything perfectly, but you sought the services of professional movers with a reason. They are competent people who have handled similar moves before and all you need to do is give them time and space. This way, you will be less stressed and they on the other hand will not feel micromanaged.

  • Take Money, Prescription Drugs, and Jewelry with You

Some things will only be a nuisance to your movers. You do not have to burden them with the valuable property like jewelry or money and they would also hate to be accused of loss of these items. Take care of your valuables since moving can be quite overwhelming.

  • Inform the Movers or Clearly Label Fragile Boxes

Make sure you inform your movers if you have fragile items or anything that needs gentle care for whatever reason. They must be aware of such things before the move starts lest you hold them accountable for any mishaps.

  • Mark the Destination of Every Box

Your movers will have an easy job unloading the boxes when you have clearly labeled the destination on each one of them. This saves valuable time as the rate is hourly and it also saves you the trouble of directing where everything goes at the destination.

  • Guarantee Their Easy and Trouble-Free Access

Help your moving agents by ensuring you have where their truck can pack, how to easily get to your house, and whether there are time restrictions on moving or parking time. Your movers would be so upset to learn that you had poorly prepared for the move in case they get stuck at any stage.

  • Empty your Wardrobes, Desks, and Drawers

Leaving the above items loaded makes them heavier for the movers and it also poses risks with moving stuff and sliding drawers. This makes most movers decline to move cabinets or furniture that is not emptied.

However, some packing professionals suggest that leaving the drawer contents intact simplifies the packing when the content is securely wrapped in plastic.

  • Do Not Store Bulky Items in Big Boxes

It may appear okay to stack all your books inside one box. However, even Movers Mt. Juliet TN will find a large box of books heavy to lift, and it can burst on transit. 

  • Be Available on Moving Day

Although movers require you to give them space, you cannot leave them all alone. Stay in close range just in case they need you. Moving etiquette suggests stay within the apartment and notify your movers if you have to get out.