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The Ultimate Guide for Successful Mobile App Development in Dubai

You can have great ideas in mind, but wonders happen only when they are executed well. To make your app successful, you need to see that your idea is executed excellently. Every day thousands of companies come up with mobile apps and new startups. But not every app makes it up to the app store or users’ phones.

While only 1% of the mobile app startups are known to succeed, you need to find the secret behind successful mobile app development in Dubai to see favorable results. Since competition and unlimited options give rise to a complex scenario, it’s important to follow a systematic app development approach. Taking one step at a time will ensure progress.

Your Guide To Building Successful Mobile Apps 

1. Discover, Plan, And Refine Your App Idea

Although an idea is not enough for a successful mobile application, you cannot move an inch ahead without it. Take some time to brainstorm since your initial idea may require some changes and proper planning.

Make sure that your app idea is user-centric and result-driven. Take notes of your idea and begin the QnA. Your app should be able to solve a problem for the user. If that’s not the case, you may need to go back and give it a thought.

As long as your app can effectively solve a problem, you don’t have to worry about having a super creative idea. All you need is one-of-a-kind execution. Further, ask yourself a few important questions regarding your target audience and understand the target market’s characteristics before you proceed.

  • Does the target audience use any other apps to solve the problem?
  • Is the target audience familiar with the app features you would launch?
  • Is the target audience seeking a solution?

While you are a startup, it would be difficult to impress everyone at once. Try to narrow down your target audience based on niche since it will make many things easier.

Choose A Suitable App Development Partner


It’s important to make sure that app development goals are clear to all the parties involved. Create a blueprint of your plan; discuss the work with your developers, understand circumstances, and decide a clear timeline. Communicate well and let them know your expectations from the project. List down and share details regarding app features, target audience, and other necessary insights to make the product ready for the market.

A Blueprint Of The User Experience 

Building an app is subject to a complex procedure; you cannot proceed without a clear blueprint. Prepare a blueprint of the UX so that developers can begin with implementation without giving it a second thought. This would include sketches, high-fidelity mockups, and more. Once you have these ready, you would save time and finish tasks before the deadline.

The Roadmap To Successful Application

You and your developers need to understand the UX documentation and detailed technical requirements to continue their work along the same. It will also clarify the need for all the essential resources, including the long term and short term budget to build the app.

Refining your app idea and collecting resources in one place will clear the clutter and ensure that everything goes smooth.

2. Choose A Suitable App Development Partner

It is one of the most crucial steps on your way to successful apps. Suppose you lack the technical background and in-depth knowledge. In that case, it’s important to find a development partner who can excellently manage everything and deliver the best product without you having to look into it.

While there are many ways to seek app developers in Dubai, you need to see that professionalism is maintained and whoever you choose can identify and resolve various challenges in the way. You can choose from the following:


Freelancers offer the most budget-friendly solutions for mobile app development. However, freelancers may have limited exposure to different industries. They often fake portfolios and experience. Although this option comes with its limitations, it is one of the most suitable options if you’re running low on a budget.

App Development Agencies:

App development agencies have experienced developers, a professional base, and industrial know-how. They are considerably affordable, and you won’t have to chase them like the freelancers.

These agencies have a well-qualified team of project managers, designers, mobile app developers, creative experts, and data scientists who avail you of scalable, excellently implemented mobile apps. However, since you don’t want to lag behind with out-dated trends, make sure the agency you choose is familiar with modern technologies.

In-House Developers: 

You can hire an in-house development team to work on your project. This one would be a major investment since you may have to look into recruitment costs, the operational cost for the team, employee benefits, etc. However, in terms of deadlines and prompt delivery, you can have more control over your in-house development team.

Silicon Giants:

In case you have an expansive budget, you can handover your app development project to silicon giants like Oracle & IBM in Dubai. Undeniably their services are the best, but startups could hardly afford it.

Based on your goal, requirements, and budget, you may choose suitable app developers or opt for a web design company in Dubai that meets your expectations.

3. Find Investors

If you feel that your savings would do, then it is always suggestible to start likewise. Initially, it would be great if you can find investors within your friends and family. However, your investors should believe in your app idea since you need to promote your app and raise funds for it.

You can switch to other fundraising options as well, including crowdfunding. It allows entrepreneurs to collectively purchase the equity for respective ventures through the internet. There are other options like angel investors who offer capital in return for equity, ownership, or convertible debt. Venture capitalists can also be included in your list of options. However, they often demand faster profits on their investment.

Understand And Analyze The Market

Before you look for an investor, it is important to analyze your market first. Understand the market demand and see whether your mobile app is competent enough. Conduct surveys to know your potential users and how yours will benefit in the future. Look for definite numbers so that you have reliable data to present before your prospective investors.

Seek Advice 

Approaching the investors with an app idea to ask for money may make you look desperate. Instead of asking them for money straight away, seek advice from them. This way, you will be able to establish a stronger relationship with them. Moreover, it will offer them a better understanding of your app idea and concept, making them willing to invest in your app.

Look For A Partner, Not Just Money

While fundraising is important for successful app development, you should always add more value to the product. It would be great to look for investors who can aid your project with their knowledge and expertise. Therefore, focus on initiating a relationship with your investors accordingly.

It’s always good to be on the safe side and be prepared to deal with unforeseen future events. Therefore, make an informed decision.

4. Develop A Prototype Or MVP

A prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is an application with basic functionalities that make the app usable and features enough to engage the target audience. It can help the potential buyers or users to understand the tangible benefits they will get. While it’s not the complete product, it offers a chance to introduce the app to the audience and realize any changes or requirements necessary to give the final, perfect shape and functionality.

Building an MVP may be equally time taking as the complete app, considering that it will lack only a few functionalities and features. Moreover, the costs involved will be dependent on your app developers. Again, in-house developers or app developers in Dubai are likely to be the most viable choices.

The positive aspect is that by using an MVP, you can attract more investors to your app. Meanwhile, you can find if your app needs any other licenses. We suggest you take enough security measures to prevent unauthorized use of your prototype as you would do for the final app. With the help of MVP, it would be easier to realize and make suitable add-ons, app features, and functionalities.

5. Work On Marketing Your App Before Launch

You need to set a stage and an enthusiastic, curious audience to give an applaudable performance. While a new app will have thousands of other competitors, it would go unnoticed like a stranger in the crowd. It is important to aware your target audience that you are up to something. Let there be a buzz before you enter the market. This will help you get some instant downloads and reviews.

It’s high time that we recognize the potential of social media platforms and press releases to get more exposure. Do not hesitate to put in efforts to keep the audience hooked to your idea and app. Unless they realize that they are getting some benefits, you won’t reach out for success. Let them know some major perks of your mobile app and make them curious to use it.

Final Words

There’s a long process between an idea and a perfect mobile app. While mobile app development in Dubai is taking new turns and new technology and market conditions change continually, you need to put in extra effort to make your app idea successful. Despite the low probability of your app impressing and staying with your target audience, this brief app development guide will help you give the right direction to your efforts.