When moving to Austin, some of the questions that you may have can be easy to answer.

Some of the top questions include the following:

Do you plan to rent or buy your next home? How far do you want the commute to be to your job or your children’s school? Are you a socialite looking for a happening nightlife, or do you prefer a quiet neighborhood where you can find peace and quiet?

After answering these questions, you can start to narrow down your search in the Austin area. To help you with your search, here is a list of the top three kid-friendly neighborhoods and areas for families:

South Menchaca

For Austin residents, Bramlett Residential can help you get a clearer picture of the more expensive parts of South Austin. While some may want to live in the hustle and bustle of the urban center, others find that it has become a bit too tourist-driven. Luckily, there are nearby areas that offer southern charm, hometown friendliness, and – perhaps most importantly – more affordable pricing.

South Menchaca is among the communities that appeal to these types of potential home buyers. The reason for that is because it is close to some of the city’s top attractions when the mood strikes. Some of those incredible things to do include bar-hopping on 6th street, exploring the Lady Bird hike, and bike trail and visiting the Austin Aquarium.

However, South Menchaca is also very neighborly, filled with low-key shops and bars that are sprouting up all around.

The kinds of houses that potential buyers can expect to find in South Menchaca include many single-family homes that date back to the 1950s. Many ranch-style homes feature large swaths of private land that families can enjoy. Beyond that, the median home price in this area is a very affordable approximate price of $358,000.

Top 3 Neighborhoods for Families

Austin real estate in Crestview

Crestview and nearby communities Allandale and Brentwood are in the same neighborhood—all are previous farmland in north-central Austin which was developed in the ‘40s and ‘60s. That lineage provides a present-day variant of the Atomic Age/postwar subdivisions they have been all along—suburbs inside the city.

Except for the latest contemporary constructions, houses are small- to mid-sized, most often ‘50s ranch-style homes. The 2019 average house sales price was $745,447.

Austin real estate in Crestview is especially small-scale and bikeable or walkable to businesses in the area, which includes pubs and restaurants—in addition to its iconic community supermarket; it is bordered on 3 sides by commercial corridors inside the midst of a revival. It also isn’t far from FC Austin’s soccer stadium, as well as mixed-use construction. All this to say, there are a lot of fun and exciting places to explore for new arrivals to the area.

There are all types of amenities available, which includes Capital MetroRapid bussing lines, as well as MetroRail stop on N. Lamar Blvd. The community is close, neighbors are friendly, and it is a magnet for families and young professionals wanting a quieter life than downtown yet still crave that urban feel.

Austin real estate in Windsor Park

The small houses alongside its winding streets are Austin’s final bastion of middle-income affordability. The neighbourhood houses a diverse mixture of owners and renters—think retirees, workers, families, and artists. Austin real estate houses are mid-century-modern, modest ranches, most of them upgraded and remodeled since the ‘50s and ‘70s. Plus, they are alluringly priced; average house sales are $385,000.

So, what is the top Austin neighborhood? Like nearly everything in life, it depends upon what you are into—and what it is possible to afford.


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