Hotel booking is the same as buying a huge tv screen. If you fail to research well, you will end up in a hotel that won’t meet your needs and to give you the worst experience. To avoid such embarrassment, you must be wise in your reservation process.

Before booking this hotel, you must spend a lot of time researching. Use internet travel sites, travel agents, and clients’ reviews to get your dream hotel. For the best experience in Narromine nsw accommodation, use the following steps.

Check the business sources

The hotel has two primary business sources. The FIT (free independent travellers) and the Groups (associated travellers). FIT is a non-group affiliate that needs overnight accommodation. There are specific qualifications that a request must meet for it to be a FIT. It’s regardless if the request was by an individual, family, or a group of friends. Groups (associated travellers) need a specific block of rooms. They get allocated for a later date. The hotel can release the uncommitted rooms if the group fails to get the blocked room by a particular date. 

Regardless of the source of business for the hotel, the reservation request is the first step.

Communicate with your hotel

Hotels use many avenues to learn about client requests for the space available. As a potential client, you can connect with the hotel via email, social media, telephone, or any other media. You need to know the most appropriate channel to contact the hotel. Hotels get reservation requests in many ways, including in-person requests through the internet. 

Request reservation formulation

Once you contact the hotel, the staff formulates a reservation request. They intelligently compile a reservation record. A reservation record is a permanent file that stores all data related to the reservation. In the reservation, there are three crucial considerations to be keen on. They include the departure date, arrival date, and the room type booked. They also include the number of rooms booked. A reservation will be complete if it has your profile data, time of stay, bed type, billing details, number of rooms, type of room, and affiliate group or company. 

Note that these requirements differ from one hotel to another. 

Reservation Acceptance

It’s normal for a hotel to accept or reject your reservation. All these will depend on the room’s availability, security measures, and any other emerging issues. The next step is the confirmation phase if your reservation goes through. 

Confirmation notification

After acceptance of the reservation, the confirmation notification follows. It confirms the booking of the rooms giving more details as you provided in the previous steps. The notification can be through social media, SMS, email, fax, or even online chat.

The notification will include the mode of payment, reservation data you provided, room rates, and the cancellation procedure. 

Prearrival and modification activity

After reservation and confirmation, it’s possible to alter some details. You can do this before the set date. The changes can include departure and arrival dates, pickup details, number of rooms, outright cancellation, and deposit status updates. There will be changes in the system to accommodate updates for easy operation. 

For the cancellation process, hotels have unique procedures and laws that govern it. Some will need you to pay for cancellation, while for others, it’s a free process provided it’s on near the booking date. When cancelling, you must give the reasons and other details requested by the hotel. 


The hotel reservation and cancellation process are unique between hotels. You need to be keen in the entire process so as not to find yourself in trouble on a fateful day. Make clear communication with the hotel to get all facts right.  


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