Orville is an American sci-fi drama series, which was debuted in 2017. With the enormous popularity of the first two seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for the third season to drop by. There’s hardly ever anything that Star Trek fans are fond of or like to talk about. Still, there’s one thing that people are discussing and agree over is: Love letter to Trek, The Orville by Seth MacFarlane’s.

Orville has turned out to be surprisingly well, which is why fans are eagerly waiting for its third season to release. The series is a joint production by Fuzzy Door productions and 20th Television. The first two seasons of the hit series were premiered on Century Fox, while the third season appeared on Hulu.

It is a science fiction series about a starship crew and their experiences in the twenty-fifth century. The previous two seasons turned out to a thrilling adventure series using a humorous vibe and action simultaneously. As soon as the shooting for season 2 was done and people wrapped up watching it, a prequel for season 3 was renewed.

Seth MacFarlane wrote The Orville and Jon Favreau directed the series. Star Trek and next-generation successor inspired series has become one of the most popular series amongst the star trek fans. Its first season aired in 2017 and second season in 2018, followed by appreciation and positive reviews from its audience.

USS Orville starship and the interstellar union follow the series between the earth and other planets in the universe. Mercer is an officer played by Seth MacFarlane as a protagonist in the Planetary Union’s line.

The Orville Season 3: Release Date

Due to the pandemic and worldwide lockdown, the series had to face numerous delays in shooting the series. There is no official confirmation on the release date for the series. Still, Season 3 of Orville was supposed to get a late 2020 release on Hulu.

According to sources, Orville was to make it come back on screen by the autumn season of 2020. The makers have not yet confirmed on a date pr regarding g the trailer of the series. It was said that season 3 of Orville would consist of 11 episodes in total, out of which five of them are over with filming, and only six are left.

Orville has been away from the screens since 2019 April. Initially, Hulu snapped Disney obtained the series immediately after Fox. This entire hassle gave MacFarlane and his team more time and energy into the future plotline. In the account of the enhanced safety guidelines, completing Orville season 3 might require up to 6 months along with the cast and crew.

We do not wish to disappoint our readers and Orville’s fans, so we want them to know the sneak peeks and teasers are ready. Hulu has not yet declared or confirmed an official release date, so we cannot assure the season 3. The official team will soon premier them and break the good news to its audience. The production team is aiming to release season 3 of Orville by the end of 2020.

The Orville Season 3 Release DateImage Source: popularculturetimes.com

The Orville Season 3: Cast

We are yet waiting for a confirmed update on which characters will be starring in Orville’s third season. Season 3 is expected to drastically turn into more adventure, dramatic storytelling, and action. This critically acclaimed series has gathered popularity for its mind-blowing execution and the actors who have done a commendable job playing their roles. If we look at the last cast and characters, then we can expect a list of them to grace on screen.

  • Anne Winters as Charly Burke
  • Victor Garber as Fleet Admiral Halsey
  • Chad Coleman as Klyden
  • Norm Macdonald as the voice of Lieutenant Yaphet
  • Larry Joe Campbell as Lieutenant Commander
  • Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer
  • Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn
  • Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
  • Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus
  • Halston Sage as Lieutenant Alara Kitan
  • J. Lee as Lieutenant John LaMarr
  • Mark Jackson as Isaac
  • Jessica Szohr as Lieutenant Talla Keyali

Along with the previous old cast, we might expect a few new faces to the series. Maybe in episodes of guest appearances, but some of our sources reveal that Charly Burke will be an additional member in the show played by Anna Winters.

The Orville Season 3: Plot

The premise of Orville delves into further encounters of the universe. It follows the life of Caption Ed and his troop. In the future, the story initiates 400 years later, in a space vessel about to set their journey. Season 3 of Orville has 11 episodes and will have action-based narratives to walk you through the dramatic adventures.

The USS Orville starship takes the cast on episodic escapades. Orville’s third season is predicted to visit Moclus planet and gather more detailed information about the civilization that sustains there. The crew might also come across some deadly outer space dangers and complexities.

Furthermore, the repercussions of Isaac’s decision and the emphasis it might have on the coming episodes and season. Season 3 might exhibit details of Kaylon’s ambush on the Planetary Union and its aftermath. There are many fan theories and predictions regarding the possible thrills, which might occur in season 3 of Orville. Fans believe that Planet Xelaya will be explored and witness the widening of Krill species.

The Orville Season 3: Crew and Updates

Orville’s cast and crew appeared at the new Comic-Con to give a hint about what season three of Orville would bring to its Fans. We cannot assure the audience regarding a specific release date. Still, the makers are trying their best to release it by the end of 2020. Orville season 3 will have 11 episodes accompanied by more fascinating bouts tackling the challenges in outer space. We can now ask the fans to gear up for season 3 and the adventures it will follow.


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