Iowa is one of the most overlooked states in the U.S. However, a visit to the state will give you a different perspective. The state has plenty of attractions including culture, low cost of living, job opportunities, and so much more. Regardless of where you decide to visit, you can get affordable homes for sale in Mason City, Iowa, all with inexpensive home insurance covers.

Let’s begin with a brief and important introduction to Iowa state.

History of Iowa

Commonly known as The Hawkeye State, Iowa first became an American state in 1846. Today, the state is home to about 3,160,553 residents.

Strangely enough, the state is home to more pigs than people! Yes, you read that right. Iowa has a population of about 22.6 million hogs, which makes the number 7 times that of actual residents.

Apart from the great pork and bacon industry in the state, the laid-back attracts new residents every year, with about 15,000 people moving to Iowa annually. But, what makes Iowa so attractive to live in?

Let’s delve into the factors that make living in Iowa so attractive.

History of Iowa

Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Iowa

As mentioned above, life in Iowa state tends to be overlooked. However, the U.S. News recently affirmed what has been known for a while now that Iowa is the best state in the country.

This is after considering different aspects such as housing, health care, infrastructure, and education, among others. Without much ado, here are five reasons why you should consider making Iowa your home. Click here to learn more about it.

Job Market

Although the pork and bacon industry is dominant in Iowa, there are many more jobs in the state that don’t include being a pig whisperer. Some of the fastest-growing job opportunities in the state revolve around operations analysis, physical therapy, security analysis, web development, nursing, and occupational therapy.

This is not to say that you cannot get some of the highest paying jobs in Iowa. If you’re looking to get into the more lucrative opportunities, there are a lot of jobs in upper business management. The medical scene in the state is always looking for surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, and dentists, among many others.

Generally, if you have a knack for the medical and business industries, then Iowa is probably the place you are looking to settle.


Now that you know how you can sustain your lifestyle in Iowa, it’s now time to talk about housing. Naturally, your living quarters is one of the most important things to consider when moving to a new state. Getting the ideal house at a pocket-friendly price isn’t always a walk in the park but this is not the case with Iowa.

Unlike many other states in the U.S., Iowa has one of the cheapest real estate industries with plenty of available homes for sale in Mason City Iowa. For instance, as a client, you can get a decent home for as low as $138,600 only, which is 3.8% lower than many other states.

On the other hand, you can get a comfortable home for rent in Iowa at a rate of $1,100 per month. This is unlike many other states where you’ll have to pay a minimum of $2000 per month to rent an apartment.

Local Culture

Moving away from your native home to start a new life in a state, you know little about, is quite overwhelming. Much of the things you’ll need to settle in faster is to have a good relationship with your neighbors and members of your community at large.

Unlike many states where a foreigner can take time to fit in, thanks to its welcoming culture, Iowa is quite the opposite. You’ll find the locals very warm and with charming attributes. Don’t be surprised to be greeted with subtle smiles everywhere you go.

Some of the common words used to describe Iowans are liberal, educated, and progressive. Their easy-to-go attitude is quite transparent from the time you set foot within the state.

Natural Beauty

Although Iowa isn’t known for its jaw-dropping natural sights, you cannot deny the fact that it is home to some of the most unique and breathtaking wild places in the world. For instance, Loess Hills is one of the most intriguing and inspiring places in Iowa.

If you are not a fan of the glaciers, you can immerse yourself in Iowa’s history by visiting the Effigy Mounds National Monument.

An Abundance of Local Fresh Produce

Without a doubt, summer is one of the most looked forward to seasons in the U.S, Iowa included. One of the best parts about Iowa is that although it has an abundance of fresh local produce all through the year, the scene really comes to life during the warmer periods.

All through spring and summer, farming fields in Iowa are full of some of the state’s best produce. Therefore, deciding to live in Iowa will mean you get to benefit from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables regularly uniquely.

A simple trip to your nearest local market will give you access to locally prepared jams, jellies, baked bread, and many other incredible foods.

It’s worth pointing out that being the number 1 hog producing state in the U.S., Iowa state has a bacon festival. Famously known as the Blue Ribbon bacon festival, it is held in Des Moines annually. The end of the festival usually sees the crowning of a Pork queen, Bacon queen, and Pork princess.

Experience What Iowa Has to Offer!

Well, there you go. There are many impressive aspects about Iowa, with ample job opportunities, natural beauty, housing, and beautiful culture being the topmost.

If you’re a pork enthusiast and want to enjoy the best that other pork enthusiasts have to offer, then you should consider moving to the state. If you’re a creative, the arts and culture scene is a thriving world where any artist can definitely find their place.

Hopefully, the points highlighted above should help make your decision to move to Iowa a lot more compelling.


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